Kaala Teeka 18th March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kali and yug are in garden. Kali says I confess that I concealed truth. But it had a reason and I can’t tell it to you yet. Why are you forgetting that you are marrying her for your family. Her voice was not the reason. Why are you calling engagement off then? He says betrayal is the reason. I told you I hate lies and liars. I can’t marry a liar. I told her everything. She just said next time. Anyway you are like her too, liar.

Everyone is sharing sweets inside. Kalyani wonders where yug is. She says in heart Kali you will do something to solve it all now I will do something that will cause trouble. Chulbul collides with Kalyani, her sweets spill on Kalyani. She says sorry. Kalyani says where can I wash this? she says upstairs. Kalayni goes upstairs.
Manjiri says why I feel like, his troubles are over. Gauri sings so well but only I knew this song. Where she heard it? I will ask her when yug brings her here. Kalyani is coming upstairs. Kalyani couldn’t see her much. She asks servant who is that? She says Mukta.

Kali says I did this for bady papa. Because of him I had a house and family. Whatever I do for gauri is less. I will take all problems of hers so she only has happiness. For her happiness I started this in childhood. When you started looking for that voice I was scared when should I tell you truth. Whatever has happened is my fault. You can punish me. Yug claps. He says you have cleared that you can do anything for gauri. You think I will forget everything and marry gauri. You know you both are responsible and I can’t forgive you. Kali says please try to understand. She is young and immature. that is why it took so long. Please pardon her. Voice is not the only thing. It doesn’t mean if someone sings well, that person is good. Your pishima sings good. But is she good because her voice is? No she is nice because her heart is clear and so is Gauri’s. Give her one chance please. Love changes people. Maybe she changes with your love. Please. Don’t take everyone’s happiness. He says you are no in my shoes. I dont see future of this relationship. She says answer one thing. he says you have no right but ask. She says ram ji accpeted struggle of 14 years for his family. I said everything. You have to decide everything now. I just wanna say that gauri wanted to tell you truth she was looking for right time. She must have told you by now.

Leela says I believe in rituals. What our elders have said is 100% right. Vishwa says right. He sees kali coming in. Vishwa says where is yug? Time is running out. Leela says mukta’s room maybe. She asks chulbul to look. Yug comes in from outside. Leela says where were you? Yug says I had an urgent call. Leela says come and make her wear the ring. We are running out of time. Yug comes on stage. And so do Sharmila and Neel. SHarmila makes neel wear the ring. And then neel.
Leela gives ring to Yug. Gauri makes yug wear it. Yug makes her wear as well. Raghu says yug show gauri your room. Yug takes her to room.Kali says in heart time will heal everything. Yug says in heart I will never forgive you. Kali says I know it is tough for you. I hope your forgive me.
Gauri says wow thats a really nice room. I think we should change wallpaper. And we can make it pink. If you like it this way then I can adjust. You didn’t tell me how good I sang? He says why would you want to know? The person who has that voice doesn’t care about my opinion. Yug says to Gauri I was fool, I should have known that voice was not yours. This is just a compromise for me. I would never have married you if di wasn’t involved. Gauri is in tears. He says lets go now, everyone is waiting. He leaves. gauri stands there in shock. gauri says Kali you told him.

Precap-Gauri says he knows that voice is not mine. You told him. Kali says I had no other choice. Gauri says you told him truth before me. If yug doesn’t become mine, I will kill myself. I love him.

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