Kaala Teeka 17th March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kali comes near temple. She says to leela that day whatever happened in temple, I want to apologize for that. Leela says I don’t get all this. And for that day, you will not get the forgiveness. and Gauri’s kundli is matter of us elders. Jha told me everything. Go from here. Kali leaves.

Manjiri’s head hurts. The celebrations are on going Vishwa is dancing. Vishwa says my princess is getting married. I can’t stop celebrating. Gauri dances with him. Yug says kali.. Gauri says I am gauri not kali. She is busy in dancing. Raghu says to kali why are you not dancing. Kali says I dont like it. Vishwa sees him with her. He asks kali to come and dance so she doesn’t talk to him.
Vishwa says lets see who is better dancer. One candidate is chulbul and other is mad. Both of them start dancing. Kali picks something. Yug looks at her trying to dance. Yug says wait a minute. He says today I and Gauri will start a new life. We are getting engaged but this relation was tied long ago. When I heard her voice first. Today I want you all to hear that voice. Gauri is worried. Please sing gauri. Leela says yes sing please. I want to heart that voice as well. Gauri looks at kali in tension. Gauri says yeah sure. I have to clean the throat once. She goes with Kali.

Gauri says please save me. Only you can do something. Kali says I asked you to tell me truth. Gauri says should I tell him here. I and papa will be insulted. i promise I will tell him later. Kali says okay but this is the last time. Gauri says everyone is waiting.
Gauri comes back in hall. She goes on stage. She starts lisping. Kali sings from behind the stage. Manjiri wakes up and hears the song. Yug says even when she is singing in front of me why cant I believe this is her voice? Vishwa sees kali singing and so does Kalyani. Everyone claps for Gauri. Kali turns back, yug is standing there.

Yug is standing in front of kali. Kali is scared. He grasps her arm and takes her downstairs. Yug takes her in lawn. Kali is in tears. He says you lied to me hundred times. You made fun of my feelings. How will ram ji forgive you? Why did you say that was gauri’s voice?
Raghu says wow your voice is really good. Leela says you sing really well. Teach sharmila too. Mad says she is super talented. Kalyani says where is yug? Has he gone out? Mad says he was here I dont know where is he gone. GAuri says where is yug? I sang for him. Raghu says maybe he has gone to mukta.

Yug says if you have a little shame confess it. I called you my friend. Is this what you do to your friend? If you are not accepting it I will tell everyone. I am breaking this engagement. Kali is dazed.

Precap-Yug says to Majiri. I was fooled. that voice is kali’s not gauri’s. Manjiri says dont somewhere you feel glad about this? The voice you were looking for is kali’s.

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