Kaala Teeka 17th June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Yug goes to shiv temple. Leela asks Gauri on call to change the CD.
Kali is sitting sad.
Neel gives Kali candies. He says they are your favorite. Kali says yes. They both eat it. Neel says you can have them all. Sharmila says you keep your mood good Kali. My brother can’t tolerate Gauri much.
hSarmila asks Neel did you do your work? He says yeah i hope so. Kali says can I help you neel? He says yes sure. Sharmila says in heart no this will ruin my plan. She goes inside. yug has come too. Gauri is dazed. Gauri hides. She wears a red chunri.
yug goes in security room. He asks the man for the footage CD.
Gauri follows Yug all and comes to temple. She says what if Yug sees me? She sees a hermaphrodite and says gives her money. She says make that guy wait on signal for 10 mins. He keeps annoying Yug. gauri reaches the temple.
The security head says to Yug you can sit here and watch the footage. i don’t have glasses but I will manage. gauri comes in too. She tries to change the CD. The man is reading the file. Gauri hides behind the shelf. The man takes out the CDs and plugs them in.Yug sees them, Kali is marrying Arayn. He says there is not date and time on this. The man says I don’t know about it.

Doorbell rings, Kali goes running downstairs. a vase breaks and her feet is cut. Kali still runs. Manjiri goes after Kali. Kali opens the door. Its no one. Kali sits there and starts sobbing. Manjiri tries to console her.
Leela says to gauri you ruin everything. Gauri says God gave me two mother in laws in you. yug comes in and says what were you doing in shiv temple Gauri? Leela says she went there for pooja because I asked her. Yug seeds hi wedding photo. In which bride’s face is covered. He says I am coming in a moment. Gauri says to Leela you don’t have to worry. I changed the picture of Kali is sindur bowl. Leela says what if yug inquires from the photographer.

Precap-yug asks the photograpger can you tell if this photo is moffed? He says no the reflection is of this madam. this is real.

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