Kaala Teeka 16th March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gauri comes to kali and says its yug’s call. Kali says talk to him and tell him truth. Gauri says promise I will tell him next time. Kali says I am dialing. Gauri says I have to get my facial I am leaving. Yug receives the call. He says I have a confession to make. There is an emptiness in me. I get stuck in an unsolved puzzle. An important piece feels like missing. I feel like if that missing piece is kali. I find your voice close to her. I dont know what am I saying. can we meet tomorrow? Kali hangs up.

Leela is getting everything ready. Vishwa comes in. She welcomes him. She says engagement is tomorrow, I think you are too hasty. Vishwa says I concealed something from you. I hope that this wont affect yug and gauri’s relation. Leela says what is it? Vishwa says you know that kali has no relation with our family. We kept her so she can play with Gauri. Then my bhabhi, she adopted this girl. Now we don’t know her caste. It will affect you if tomorrow you see kali with gauri but my princess considers her like a sister. Tomorrow on her engagement she wants kali with her. I want your permission on this. Leela says in heart what can I say. We have mukta here as well. He says actually gauri really loves her. If kali is not there gauri will be heart broken. Leela says its okay but she should not be near me or yug near engagement. He says sure. One more thing. Kali believe a lot in fate and kundli. He says if we do shiv’s pooja for 4 days the problem between yug and gauri will be gone. She says the havaan should be according to all rituals. He leaves.

Vishwa says to kali I have told Leela. She has found the solution of havan for it. If you don’t believe this you can call her. Kali says no no I believe you.
Kali says one lies has been out from this relation. Now I hope gauri clears everything and they start with truth. I hope what happens is right for everyone.

The engagement starts, Vishwa says these weddings will set an example. Kalyani says it will be such an example that people will be scared of both families. Try hard vishwa. Mad says to chul nice blouse. Chul says this is from Patna. Mad says mine is from mumbai. Sharmila says both are from Mithla’s market.
Kali and Gauri come in. Kali says this house is so beautiful. He will keep you like a queen. Kali says will you tell him truth? He says yes. vishwa says my princess is here. He says you look like a fairy. Kali says in heart give her courage to say truth God. Gauri meets everyone.
Manjiri gets yug ready. He says you cant come downstairs? Her foot is injured. she says bring gauri here. He says this will not be complete without you. She says may God give you lots of happiness.

precap-kali collides with yug.

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