Kaala Teeka 15th March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Leela asks pandit ji can we know some way that the kundli belongs to a particular person, He says yes you can check her hand lines.
Leela asks Vishwa. He says I dont believe in this hand lines. They keep changing. She says some renowned pandit told me to check it. He says okay if you want to do this. My princess will be your daughter in law. You can be sure. Lets do this before havan. She says okay.
Prohit says what will vishwa do now? Kalyani says he cant do anything.
Kalyani calls kali and says you dont know that vishwa gave your kundli to Leela as Gauri’s but she wants to check hands. It is my turn to growl now. Its better you took Gauri’s phone. It was easy talking to you.
Gauri comes and sits next to leela in haavan. Kalyani says she is in trouble zone herself. Kali comes home running. Gauri coughs vishwa says she is allergic to it. Please go gauri. Leela holds her hand and says stay here. Havan’s smoke doesn’t cause any allergy. this is the right time. Pandit ji check the hand. In the smoke, kali puts her hand from under gauri’s dupatta. Pandit ji reads her hand. Pandit ji says what a good fate that is. Leela says thank God. Shr says you will become yug’s wife. Vishwa says congrats again. Leela says go your room, it was allergic.

Gauri tells vishwa later that hand was of kali. She says kali saved us. Vishwa says to kali thank you for this favor. Gauri should be wearing this bangle. Kali says I tried to take it off. I will apply soap. Vishwa says take them out. she should wear it. Kali tries taking it out. Vishwa pulls them. It bleeds her hand. Kali says thank you they are made for Gauri. There is one thing that is mine that you gave to gauri. Give it back to me. My kundli. My fate has been associated to hers. This is not right. What I did today was for you but how long will her life sustain with my kundli. You are not thinking for her future. You should tell leela truth. I cant carry this lie with me anymore.

Yug makes manjiri drink soup. she says what is wrong? He says I am finding answers.
Vishwa says you opened my eyes. What I do, I do it for my princess. He gives her the bangle and says wear it. He says you can’t understand what a dad feels for his daughter. Kali says I can understand that you are emotional. But love of a father can’t see that he is starting his daughter’s future with lie. Manji maa said truth comes out. Nothing will save that wedding then. We can clear everything. we still have time.
Yug says I feel suffocated. I dont feel free. I know its engagement tomorrow but my heart is not agreeing. she says sit here. marriage is a big step. Its equally important for her and dont doubt things. Talk to her. this is the only way that can work in your favor. Call her.
Kali says save this relation from lies. Vishwa says you are right. I should think about it.

Precap-Kali says I am dialing his number tell him truth. Yug picks the call, he says I have so many questions. I don’t get answers. I miss and important puzzle piece. I feel like kali is that puzzle piece.

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