Kaala Teeka 14th March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gauri comes in temple and says yes. Vishwa says what yes? She says I am saying yes for this relationship. Kalyani and prohit are shocked. Vishwa calls Yug up and asks them to do pooja. He places Gauri’s hand in Yug’s. Vishwa says pandit ji start it. Gauri says Kali come upstairs. Vishwa and yug shower shivling.
Kali says to gauri tell yug about reality of voice. Start your relationship with truth. Gauri says no. You were right I will never find another person like him. I have started loving him. I can’t take the risk. Let me do what I think is right. Kali says its important to know value of a relationship. These threads are weak. Gauri says I will tell him when I am comfortable with telling. Vishwa says Gauri come here.

Gauri and Yug do the pooja. Kali says I hope my voice doesn’t come between them. Vishwa says finally my princess has agreed. Now I can see whom are you texting. I can see my dreams coming true now. Mad says in heart samdhan ji very sharp. I have to be careful. Gauri texts yug to meet her at 5 on cafe. He says the voice that made me her fan doesn’t match her personality. She is way different from what I imagined. Kali gives tea to Kalyani. She stares at her. Kalyani says I see what you are doing. Kali says when you scare someone so much they don’t fear anymore. Tea spills on kali. Kali says you are used to of giving pain not taking. Kalyani says the one you are doing this for, you are kala teeka for him and you will always be that. Kali says why do you look like a scare cat at the moment? Kalyani says in heart you can’t expose me, i can win any game. Kali gives tea to Vishwa, he says stay happy. Kali gives tea to mad, Gauri and neel as well.

Gauri gets dressed. She says how I look? Kali says okay. Gauri says I am going to meet Yug. Kali says he likes traditional attire. Gauri dresses her in desi. Kali puts bindi on her forehead. Kali says you look like bady papa’s princess now. Kali says will tell him truth? Gauri says oh where am I? Who am i? Bye. She hugs kali and says I love you. she leaves. Kali says I will talk to her again, she has to tell him truth. Kalyani overhears this.
In the cafe, singer is singing. Yug says you look different. It suits you. What do you like? She says fashion. Designer stuff. I can’t wait to wear the stuff from paris fashion week. He says what about singing? She says Rihanna, Lady gaga and JB. He says indian classical? She says ew not at all. She says I mean its not easy to pick one name. I can’t judge they are all one greater than other. Yug says you should sing as well. Gauri says today I am not in mood. He says please. she says I haven’t done riaz since days. He says one song please. Gauri drops her purse. She shows money to the waiter. he says this was the last song I hope you all enjoyed it. We will meet next week. He packs up the set up. Gauri says I will sing next week for sure. He says I never heard you singing i can’t match that voice to your personality.

Kalyani says to prohit this wedding gives me heart attack. Prohit says let it happen. Kalyani says have you changed the party? He says where will I go after leaving yours. I am life member. she says then don’t say that stupid thing. He says why are you worried. I guarantee you this marriage has no future. It wont last more than 6 months. Kalyani says their kundlis have matched. Prohit says that was yug and Kali’s. Kalyani says what? vishwa took kali’s kundli there. Klayni says why didn’t you tell me before. He says I thought you knew. Klaynai says just imagine what can we do with this. We can play a game that everything will work in our favor.

gauri comes home. Kali says you came? Did you tell him. Gauri says i didn’t. Kali says why? Gauri says I am not answerable to you. Take this phone and talk to him. He brings voice in between all the time. I don’t get all this. Kali says this will happen when you bring lies in between. Gauri says that voice is yours but you are my kala teeka. Kali says its about honesty. Kali says when someone says their truth, its confessions. when someone else tells him it will be exposure.

Yug is doing push ups. Manjiri asks what happened? He says nothing. She says you can’t lie to me. You went to meet gauri. He says the only thing I liked about her, was her voice. I couldn’t find that voice in her voice. Manjiri says Yug in whom do you see it?

Precap-Leela says on call what are you saying. The man says it was not his daughter’s kundli. Leela says I just agreed to make her my daughter in law because of her kundli.

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