Kaala Teeka 12th March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
They all come to Vishwa’s house. Yug sees Kali and goes to her. Kali is silent. He takes the thal from her. She says I will keep it. He says like you keep the truth. Why did you conceal it from me? Kali says I was waiting for right time. He says i got to know on wrong time anyway. What was right in that? Kali says everyone is waiting for you. He says I hope there is not other things that you are hiding. Kali doesn’t come in.

Kali brings Gauri downstairs. Gauri says hello everyone. Everyone is dazed. Leela says stay happy. Yug says in heart why am I looking at kali? She has told me everything. What answers am I looking for now? Vishwa says lets start pooja now. Leela says you are right. Pooja paat shouldn’t be delayed. This girl, why is she wearing black? This is not okay in pooja. You are a pandit, who is this girl who doesn’t know it in your house. Vishwa says she is not part of our house, yet she is. Leela says I got it. Like our Gupta. We have a similar woman like this in our house. Ask her to change the clothes. Vishwa says oh yes. Vishwa says in heart kali should stay with gauri here. Vishwa says to kali go and change your clothes. We have 14 minutes. They all start the pooja. Kali comes downstairs in pink. Yug stares at her.
Kali gives arti to everyone. Kali comes to yug. He says you look good.

Kali stops yug. He says what another blind trust now? She says no. Kali goes out of kitchen. Her dupaata gets stuck in door. Yug says wait. He plucks it out. Kali says thank you.
Yug comes out. Gauri says Kali test. Gauri pretends falling down. Yugs holds her and says be careful Kali.. She says I am Gauri. Yug says sorry I meant Gauri. Gauri smiles and stands up. Yug says in heart am I mad? What am I doing?
Pandit ji says once shiv is placed somewhere it shouldn’t be moved. Vishwa brings in shivling.

Kalu comes running and places her hand under shivling. They place it on her hand, kali screams. Vishwa says kali what are you doing here. Gauri runs to her and says pick this up. She says what are you doing. Vishwa says yes yes. Pandit says no no one will move it. Its not right. Gauri says shut up. Pick this. Leela says says we can’t do that Yug comes runnin and picks the shivling, Leela says dont’ do this. Thir is wrong. Yug picks it up. Kali takes out her hand. Vishwa says what have you done yug. Gauri says Neel brin first aid box please. Yug says what did I do wrong? You all have blind trusts. Vishwa says this is our faith. Yug says thats blind faith. God is not there to scare you. God can’t see us in pain. God comes down on earth for his people. Why can’t we pick him a little up for the same people? I don’t believe in all this. What I did was right.

Precap-Kali says you are starting a new beginning. You should tell him truth about your voice. Gauri says I have started loving him. I will never find another person like him. I can’t tell him truth.

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