Kaala Teeka 12th December 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Naina opens her eyes and says mama.. Kali says you called me naina? Naina hugs her. Doctor says this is a miracle. Only a mother’s love can do this. Leela says can we take her home? He says no we have to take her under observation for a day. Kali and Yug stay with Naina.
Naina says I am sorry mama I was so rude to you. I will never do this again. I know you are my real mom. Kali says if you do that again I will tickle you. Naina sees Deva and says go from here don’t come in front of me again. she throws a pillow at him. Kali is dazed. Kali says whom are you talking to? There is no one here. Naina says there is. Naina hits him more with pillow. Kali says no one is there naina whom are you hitting? Naina says look there mama he is there. Naina says you wanted to apart
me from everyone. Deva disappears. Naina says he was here. He left. He annoys me. He provokes me to do these things. He hates Pavitra. Kali says sit on the bed. Pavitra comes to meet Naina. Manjiri says Paivtra is not going home. She i saying shewill stay with Niana. Pavitra says mama please let me stay with didi. Naian says I will be bored here alone please let her. Kali says okay as you wish.

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