Jamai Raja 8th July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mitul calling Ranjeet and sharing his plan with him. Ranjeet comes to Roshni’s cabin and spills coffee intentionally. Neil comes there. Roshni says Ranjeet has spilled the coffee. Neil gets a call from someone, saying papers are missing. Roshni says she will go and meet Khuranas. Ranjeet says go there, there is a big surprise for you. Sid, Anya, Naina and Mitul are in the restaurant. Sid asks Mitul if she will eat the dishes. Mitul says yes. Sid jokes. Anya also orders something. She asks Sid about Naina’s medicine. Sid says I kept in suit, but…..Naina says I will manage. Mitul says no, and says your health will deteriorate. Sid says I will bring medicine from chemist. Mitul asks her to go home and get the medicine as it is not found with chemist easily. Sid says
okay. Mitul asks him to have cold drink and go. Sid drinks it without knowing her intention. Roshni comes home and looks at the decoration and smiles. She is also affected by a drug and gets drowsy.

Naina calls Neil and asks him to join for dinner. Neil says he will bring Roshni from home and come. Sid comes home and feels drowsy. Mitul says Roshni and Sid are alone in the house and says he will bring it to make Neil work easy. Sid and Roshni look at each other surprisingly and counts each other fingers. They call each other Ravan and laughs. Sid asks Roshni about her saas medicine.

Roshni laughs and says it might be with the chemist. Roshni asks who did this arrangement and says you have done naa. Sid says yes, and says to unite her with Neil. Roshni says love. She calls Neil. Sid also calls Neil. Roshni says Sid….where are you? Naina says Sid haven’t come till now. Anya says he must be coming. Mitul recalls taking medicine from his pocket and then spiking his dress. Roshni says Siddharth and tinkles him. They laugh. Mohabbat hain yeh song plays………………..while they play, throw cushion on each other and end up falling in each other embrace……Sid is about to kiss her as she lie down on the floor. Neil comes there and is shocked.

Naina, Anya and Mitul also come. They see Sid and Roshni romancing and Sid tinkling her. Mitul smirks. Naina asks them to stop it and says enough. Sid asks Roshni to get up. They say hello Neil. Mitul says they were romancing while sending us to hotel. Neil asks Mitul to shut up and takes Roshni from there. Anya holds Sid’s hand and takes him to their room. Sid says I want to go to Roshni. Anya says Roshni is with her husband in their room and asks him to sit quietly. She removes his suit. Sid lies down on bed.

Neil tries to speak to Roshni and sees her unconscious. He gets irritated. Mitul brings lemon water for Sid and asks Anya to make him drink it. She acts and says if he don’t have shame…to have affair with bahu of this house. He says don’t know what would have happen if we hadn’t come here. She says Ragini must have provoked Sid and says she can understand her pain. She cries and acts….saying Ragini will not let her live with Sid. Anya goes angrily. Mitul sits beside Sid and feels pity on his condition. He says this house will break now and asks him to save it if he can. Sid is unconscious still. Neil thinks about Mitul’s cheap words.

Sid asks Roshni to trust him and says he had promised DD that nothing will happen to her, and says he will fulfilled it.

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