Jamai Raja 7th July 2016 Written Episode

Neil made Roshni to wear the necklace but suddenly he got furious and pulled it down. Roshni asked what happened but he said nothing and left scaringly.

Aarav came to Sengupta home asking for Aanya but seeing him she got tensed took him out introducing him as her college mate to Neil and ND.

mami and ranjit came to meet some person in a hotel where Sid, Mr.K and Bunty also came there. Sid saw them and got doubt. So he left the place.

Aarav taking to Aanya… he holds her hands and saying I think u are hiding something frm me, say everything. But Aanya says I’ll say u everything in right time. Aarav asking Aanya to marry him at the very moment. He forcefully put her inside the car and taking her somewhere.

Mami and Ranjit notices Sid’s presence and escaped frm
the place. Sid feels something wrong with them.
Aanya fighting with Aarav to leave her and shouting for help. Sid saw her and following them in his car. Sid recognized Aarav and ask him to stop the car. Aarav came out of car and asking Aanya to marry him right now. She says if my dada knows all about u, he’ll not leave u alive.

Aanya hit aarav in head and escaped to Sid. She doing a natak as if Aarav forcing her to abort the baby and so he took her to hospital and cried.
Mami calling ranjit asking whether Ragini signed the papers. He says she reading each and every page and signing slowly.

Aanya thinking what drama she need to do so that everyone should trust her and not aarav. Sid says why did u hide these things to me and she replies u are already stressed with neil raghini, so I didn’t say anything. Also she said why can’t we leave this place but Sid ignored

Aanya asks aarav not to come back in her life and leave her forever. Sid talking to police gathering some info and decides himself that soon he wants to do something to reveal the family abt aanya and aarav’s truth.

Part 3:

Sid calling the party organizer and asked him to arrange a romantic private dinner for Mr. & Mrs. Sengupta Mami overhears it secretly. She thinks why Sid need to set things alright b/w Neil and Raghini and if tht happens how can the business and properties can be taken frm Neil, this can’t be allowed.

Precap: Sid falling on Roshni and both are drunk. Whole family saw them and SidNi laughing

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