Jamai Raja 28th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Roshni praying for Sid’s recovery and thinks she shall take help of Yash to save Ayesha. Just then Doctor comes out and informs them there is no recovery in Sid. Yash says then we will shift him to other hospital. Sid thinks no, and hopes Doctor handles him well. Doctor tells Yash that he can take Sid from there, but then if anything happens to Sid then he will not be responsible. Doctor recalls Sid insisting to meet Roshni alone and asks Yash to come with her. Roshni comes there and cries seeing his condition. Dholna song plays…………………..Simran and Raj come there. Simran asks Sid to open his eyes and cries. Sid feels helpless to not being able to reveal his true condition and thinks Yash will get to know that he is acting if he speaks to anyone. Yash asks Roshni if she is hiding something from him. Roshni is about to tell him about Ayesha, just then DD, Kesar and Resham come there. DD asks Roshni if Sid is fine? Roshni says no recovery in him. DD says he will be fine. Yash asks Roshni again what she was saying? Just then Sid opens his eyes, Resham sees him with open eyes and shouts as if she has seen a ghost. Doctor comes and says his heart rate, pulse and bp are all low and it is impossible for him to open his eyes in weak condition. Yash looks on. Kesar takes Resham with him. Raj tells everyone that he have talked to a surgeon about Sid and called him here. Yash tells Roshni that he will stay with her in the night.

Later Sid meets Roshni and says Yash is a joker. Roshni doesn’t listen to him and asks him to be in his room. Sid tells her again that Yash is a joker and is behind all the attacks on Ayesha, DD and her. Roshni says he is my childhood friend. Sid says he is sure and says he acted to bring Joker’s truth out. Roshni says I will not leave him.Sid says our daughter is still with him and says Pinto have an idea about Ayesha’s location. He says once we get her, we will make Yash lose. Yash gets a call from the goon and goes to meet him. Goon tells him that Ayesha is troubling him and it is very difficult to handle her. He tells about the place which Roshni and Sid hears. Sid says he will follow the goons and asks her to handle in the hospital. She thinks Yash have betrayed them big and is angry. Resham comes there, and says she came to tie the taveez. Roshni gets tensed and says Sid is a guy and nurse is changing his clothes. Resham says I will tie taveez with my eyes closed. Roshni locks Resham in the room.

Yash takes out money bag to be given to his goon. Sid sees DD and thinks she will get him caught. Yash collides with DD and the money bag falls and open up. DD asks what is he doing with lots of money here. Yash says he brought money to be given to Doctor, and says he will ask Doctor to save him. DD thanks and blesses him, says she and Khurana’s will take care of the hospital bill. Resham asks Roshni if nurse changed Sid’s clothes. She opens the tab and finds water fallen on her. She opens the cloth from her eyes and gets tensed. She knocks on the door. Nurse opens the door. Resham comes out and thinks to tie black thread on his feet.

Resham shouts and tells DD that there is a ghost inside. She says Sid is not there, but instead there is a pillow. Roshni gets worried that their secret will be out, and asks DD to take her home. Resham insists that she is not lying and asks DD to check in the room..

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