Jamai Raja 28th January 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bansi telling Roshni that the dal is Roshni’s favorite dish. Roshni says why did I forget to make this dal and says she wants to cook tasty food. Bansi says you have forgotten after you have fallen down. Jyoti Tai comes and says Roshni will learn everything fast just because you are teaching her, and I am also here to teach her. Bansi asks Roshni to put dal in the cooker. Shabnam comes and shows anger towards Khurana. Bansi asks Roshni to put the gas stove off after one whistle and goes. She asks Shabnam what happened? Shabnam says nothing. Roshni switches off the gas stove and goes. Jyoti Tai switches gas on and says full power. DD tells her that they have to take Roshni to doctor. Kunal tells Shabnam that she is right that they have to keep Sid away from Roshni. Shabnam says we have to be attentive. Jyoti aka Sid tells DD that they have to try to make Roshni get back her memory and says I have an idea. Shagun comes to kitchen and shouts as the cooker blasted in the cooker and dal splashed on Shagun. She shouts. Bansi and others come there. Roshni says she has switches off the burner.

Bansi twists her hand and hurts Roshni. Jyoti tells that Roshni might have forgotten and says no one should shout or force Roshni infront of me. She says I think we should show Roshni to a doctor, and tells about a pandit in her chawl. She says if Roshni gets prasad from that pandit then she will be fine soon. Bansi says no need. Jyoti says okay, your wish. She says today Roshni forgot to switches off the burner and this has happened. May be she could forget to switches off gyser and Shagun’s face might burn. She might do short circuit and blast the house. Or she might forget that she is married to Kunal and might stab him. She says Kunal can die. Kunal says I don’t want to die…Jyoti says no one can stop destiny. Roshni folds her hand and asks Bansi to take her to temple as she can’t be a threat to others. Jyoti says you should visit the pandit. She asks Bansi what she is thinking.

Roshni asks Bansi to take her and says she can’t stay like this. She can’t remember anything. Jyoti asks Bansi, if she don’t want her bahu to get her memory. Bansi says no, and says we will go to temple. Sid says just as I said, Kunal and Roshni should go, I will also accompany. DD searches in the house for proofs. Shabnam comes and asks what you was searching in my room. She says what do you think that you will get proof. She says I will expose you and tell everyone that Roshni is not your daughter. DD says Roshni is my daughter and I have proof. Shabnam says no bad and says she will done bad with Roshni. DD says Roshni will be fine and my Jamai will make her fine. Shabnam looks angrily.

Bansi, and her family meet a pandit baba. He asks them to make a pig eat the grass. Kunal says it doesn’t drink grass. Bunty comes indisguise of a woman and complains to his husband (Raj) that the man (Kunal is teasing her. Kunal says I was not teasing your wife. Roshni asks him to leave her husband. Raj says he don’t deserve to be your husband and asks public to beat him. Jyoti Tai takes Roshni with her and asks her to sit in car. Sid gets in Roshni’s car. Roshni asks who are you? Sid says that black yellow taxi man have stolen my stuff and says I need to follow that taxi. Roshni says I will call Police. Sid drives the car and says you have helped me a lot. He says that stuff have many things and says I am joking.

Roshni asks him to take her back. Sid stops the car near the candy floss stall. He says very soon I will drop you to your family. He says my mum used to say if we have sweetness in heart then bad thought do not come in our mind. Roshni gets thinking. Sid gets a call. He says I will take you to your family. He drops Roshni back to the temple. Kunal asks where did you go, and asks if anyone came here? Bansi asks where is Jyoti? Kunal asks if that man came again. Jyoti Tai comes and says someone had hit on her head. Kunal asks if Sid came? Roshni says no, nobody came. Jyoti asks if they are Police to enquire with her. Jyoti takes Roshni with her. Bansi wonders if Roshni is lying?

Roshni happens to see her pic with NGO kids. Kunal tells her that she used to work there before losing memory. Jyoti suggests Roshni should go there and meet the kids, if she feels good with them.

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