Jamai Raja 26th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sid recalling DD’s hatred for him. A sad song plays while he recalls his daughter’s words to save her. He feels lost and says I am a failure repeatedly. He cries badly and calls him failure again and again. He says I couldn’t anything for my family, daughter and have failed. Yash calls Sid and sees his phone switched off. He says what do you think that you will saved from my torture. He says I won’t let you live. Just then he hears Roshni shouting Sid…..

DD, Roshni and Resham are in the hospital. DD asks Roshni not to cry and says nothing will happen to him. Roshni asks her to stop it and blames DD for Sid’s condition. She says if anything happens to him then I will die. Simran and Raj come there. Roshni hugs Simran and cries. Simran says nothing will happen to him. DD tells them that she had scolded him, but don’t want anything bad happen to him. Doctor comes out and informs them that Sid is alive, but he is in coma. Simran tells Roshni that nothing will happen to Sid. Roshni cries. Yash looks at Sid through the door. Later Yash sees Roshni sleeping and comes to Sid’s ward. He sits at his bed side, and says how can you leave us Sid. He smiles seeing his comatose state. He gets up and says how can I let you have a easy death. He says my revenge is incomplete till now and places his hand on his head. He talks in joker’s voice and says this game is still on. He sings a poem, Mary had a little lamb…He says mad fellow, you didn’t know who is joker and what is his intention. He says shall I tell you a secret…..He says I am that joker and smiles. He says Joker is right infront of you and asks him to come back to live, as his revenge is not completed yet. He says death will not kill you, but I will kill you. He holds his oxygen mask and says I will give you a painful death, it is a joker’s promise.

Once Yash leaves from there, Sid opens his eyes and removes his oxygen mask. He says Yash……and gets teary eyes. He says why you Yash? He says I have never thought that you are behind that joker’s mask. I thought of you as my friend and brother, but you have stabbed at my back. You have done wrong by risking my Roshni’s life and kidnapping my daughter. He says I can forgive you 1000’s times, but not for my family. You are living a double life and promises to reveal his face to everyone and end his double life.

Yash tries to console Roshni and says Sid will be fine, don’t worry. Sid looks at him and promises to make him pay for his crimes. He says I will end your double life. He says God have given me more challenges, but have given me more strength to overcome the troubles. Sid recalls thinking to defeat joker and makes a plan. He says I will hit you the most it hurts joker. I will hurt your ego and when your ego is hurt, your identity will be revealed. He says I will give you a rigorous punishment, and that God too will be happy seeing you punished.

Sid calls Pinto and asks if he is ready. He asks him not to care for his life and says go for it. Pinto hits Sid with the car. Sid gets hurt. Doctor asks Sid why you have done this? Sid says I will save my daughter and wife, and says you please help me. He says tell my family that I am in coma, and this message will reach my enemy. Doctor says okay, I will help you and asks him to rest. Fb ends. Sid says I will make you cry bl**dy tears Yash and it is a promise.

Doctor tells Roshni that there is no improvement in Sid’s condition. Roshni thinks to talk to Yash for saving Ayesha. Yash tells Doctor that they will shift him to other hospital. Sid hears them and hopes Doctor handles him well. Doctor says you can take him, but then we will not be responsible if anything happens to him.

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