Jamai Raja 24th August 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Koel asking Payal not to dare slap her for Mahi. Groom’s mum says it seems they don’t want to get her married. She taunts that Mahi’s upbringing is bad. Mahi says I don’t want to marry in the house where my mum is disrespected. Payal requests them not to leave. Mahi asks Payal not to apologize to them. The guest leave. Naina asks Payal to stop her acting and says I know your every actions. Mahi supports Payal. She questions God, why did he want to snatch her mumma from her? She asks why you are testing me and asks him to give only relation which will be for keeps. Satya dreams about Koel and then sees Mahi warning him. He gets up and thinks Mahi doesn’t leave me even in dreams and curses her. He calls Aayi. Gangu Tai opens her wardrobe and takes out Sid, Roshni and
Karanveer’s pic. Sunil comes. Gangu Tai gets scared. She relaxes seeing Sunil and tells that Satya is actually Siddharth Khurana’s son, and heir of Khurana family. She tells that his parents asked her to handover him to his grand parents. A fb is shown…Gangu Tai tells Karanveer that he is her Satya now. Fb ends. Gangu Tai says she is scared of his dreams and says he was born rich. She says she is afraid to lose him and says he is lookalike of his father. Sunil promises that he will not tell anything to Satya.

Mahi comes to the dancing class and thinks if that cheapster comes again, then I will teach him a lesson. Satya sees her and thinks she has to do something to her, as she is prohibiting him from going close to Koel. Mahi searches for valet and sees Satya coming towards her. She gets worried and then gains self confidence. She thinks he is a langur with face and thinks to call him with bad words. Satya comes to her, apologizes to her and says I have done a mistake. He says sorry. Mahi is surprised. Satya forwards friendship hand towards her with a red rose. Mahi says what is the need for rose. Satya says I will feel good if you take it. She is about to take it. He sprays something from the flower. Mahi sneezes. Koel comes and says she is touch me not type. She says there is no class today, and says we shall go somewhere. Satya says we will go and have coffee. Mahi says we will go and have coffee at home. Koel asks Satya to take her in his car. Satya says okay, I will take you, and goes to bring car which is not his actually. He tries to scare Mahi. Mahi says badtameez….and gets irked. Koel laughs. Mahi asks Koel not to go with him. Koel says I am going and asks her to decide about herself. Satya calls Pramod and asks him for car. He brings car. Koel sits in it.

Mahi also sits in car and says I will also come. She asks how did you car became grey from white. Satya says I will answer you and drives rashly. Koel laughs. Mahi says this is not answer of my question. He stops car and says you might be wearing specs and that’s why saw white color. He says I have always grey color car. Koel says Satya is crazy. Mahi finds car papers in car. Satya thinks she is ready car papers and thinks if he will exposed today.

Mahi thinks if this car is….Satya says this car is stolen. He asks her not to spy on him. Mahi says thief. Koel asks her not to check someone’s else car papers and takes it from her hand. Mahi thinks I will see how he will manage to pay the bill. Satya says we will go to street side tea stall and have eat. Koel says no, she will get allergy. Mahi suggests a costly restaurant. Satya agrees hesitantly. Koel says aunty gave a good idea today. Mahi thinks to expose him today.

Mahi comes to Satya home, and asks about him. Gangu Tai says he is my son and shows pic. . .

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