Jamai Raja 20th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raghu telling Roshni that he is Sid. He says why don’t you identify me. He says I will not let you lose from Shabnam. Mere Rubaru plays………She gets emotional and says Siddharth. Raghu says I am Raghu only and says if you lose then I will lose. She takes him to the jail, and says she is not sure that he shall meet DD. Raghu says if DD gets sure then everybody will believe that he is Sid. Shabnam and lawyer come to jail. Shabnam tells lawyer that she forgot her phone in car and goes to bring it. She collides with Raghu and scolds him. Raghu is in disguise of a sardar and asks why she is getting angry and spoiling her face. He holds her hand. Shabnam asks him to leave her hand. Roshni sees her and secretly moves from there. Someone ( may be Roshni break Shabnam’s car window ) and she goes to check. Roshni asks Raghu why he was talking to her enemy and asks him to marry her.

DD says there is much strength in love and thinks why did Roshni’s love couldn’t make Shabnam lose. Raghu comes indisguise of a sardar and calls her sasumom. He asks did you identify me. DD looks at him with teary eyes. Raghu touches her feet and says you forgot me. He says I have come back and will make everything fine now. You will be out of jail and it will happen because of love. He says Roshni and Sid’s love will win. DD says I knew that nothing can happen to you. She says I knew that you are not Raghu, but Sid. She says I knew that you will return and says I am very happy. She thanks and hugs him. Raghu starts chewing pan and says it is okay. He asks her to calm down and says it happens sometimes. He says you have spoiled my costly suit and calls her mummy ji. Roshni comes and asks are you shocked? DD looks on. Raghu says I have worn this suit for the first time. Roshni says you said right that mom couldn’t identify you and says we will win. DD tells Roshni that she has groomed him well. She thanks Raghu for helping them. Raghu says it is my pleasure. Roshni says your mum……Raghu looks on.

Later at home. Raghu feels bad to have hidden the truth from his mom about his job. His mum thinks he is hiding something and thinks to find out the matter. Later when Raghu goes out, his mum follows him. Raghu thinks someone is following him.

Roshni tells Shabnam that she will decorate the house as today is Sid’s birthday and takes off garland from his photo.. Shabnam reminds her that Sid is dead and asks her not to miss him. Roshni says shall I cover your photo with garland and says my Sid will return on his birthday. Shabnam says Iwill take you to Doctor and says very soon you might get admitted in mental hospital. Roshni says if my Sid don’t return today then I will accept that he is dead. Shabnam looks on.

Guests come to DD’s house and says Sid’s birthday is celebrated. Roshni says you will get answers for your questions and says lets do some naach gaana…………sing and dance…………She admires Sid’s big photos and sings Prem Ratan Dhan Payo…………happily. Shabnam gets jealous seeing her dancing happily. Raghu is seen coming. Roshni turns and sees Sid standing. Everyone is shocked. Roshni looks at Shabnam who is shell shocked.

Sid says my mom always said that God Rama came back home on Diwali day and says I…Sid Khurana have returned home. Shabnam gets tensed.

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