Jamai Raja 17th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sid and Shabnam reaching there where Joker have called them. Joker acts and holds Ayesha in his hand. Sid asks Ayesha not to get worried and says Joker is a coward. He tells Joker that he is a fool and he tells about showing the cross symbol on the terrace. Joker threatens to kill Ayesha. Sid asks him to give his daughter back. Shabnam cries for Ayesha. Joker shoots and makes something fall and he elopes. Sid and Shabnam shouts. Raj tells Roshni that Sid is copying him and says once Simran forget about their anniversary. Roshni says don’t know where did he go at this time. Resham tries to show Sid and Shabnam’s pic to DD, but Kesar takes her with him. DD wonders what she is talking about.

Sid and Shabnam run following Joker. Sid holds Ayesha’s hand and is about to hold her, but Joker hits him and elopes. Sid falls on the ground and feels bad. He says I have lost my Ayesha. Shabnam blames Sid and herself, thinks this is happening because of her wrong doings. They make Sid get u. Joker Yash sees them from far and says Shabnam is right. He takes their pic while Shabnam is helping Sid stand up.

DD says where is Sid, if he went to buy the cake or make it. Roshni gets a message. She reads it…waiting for your husband. She then gets images of Sid and Shabnam. She is shocked. DD asks what happened? Roshni says Sid sent a message that he will be here. Raj and Simran tell that they have to leave. Roshni wonders where is he? Sid comes to the hotel and enquires about the order.Delivery boy says someone ordered it and asked not to add chilli in the chicken as it is for kid. Sid thanks him. Yash eyes Roshni and smirks seeing her tensed. He thinks they will separate now. Roshni gets another message….She reads…it is written that Sid is coming and if you ask her, then he will lie to you. Roshni asks Sid where was you?

Sid apologizes to her and says he was trapped in some work. Roshni tells him that she needs to know where he was trapped, and asks him to say. Yash looks at them and smirks. Roshni asks what are you hiding from me? Sid recalls Ayesha in Joker’s captivity, and asks her to respect his privacy. He will tell her later. Roshni gets another message. Joker Yash asks her to do as she says if she wants to know about the woman with Sid. Yash thinks I will end your relation. Sid thinks that joker have kidnapped our daughter and if tell you anything then he might kill her. I failed Ayesha and you. He tells God that that he has only him now and asks him to protect Ayesha.

Sam finds Yash smiling and asks him when did you buy this phone. Yash says it is my work phone and that other phone is for personal use. Sam tries to look in the phone. Yash slaps her and takes the phone. He says it is enough now. Sam thinks how can he slap me? Sid gets shocked when he gets Joker’s message in the morning, it reads that he will pay for his mistakes.

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