Jamai Raja 15th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with DD asking Kesar to remove ‘S’ name from SR brand. Kesar says people know this brand with its name. DD says I don’t care and asks him to use money and get S removed. Yash tells DD that SR together is the charm for the brand and tries to convince DD to let Sid’s initial be in her brand. DD asks him not to convince her and says she don’t trust Sid anymore. She says it is very irritating. Yash smiles. Roshni sees Simran and Raj sad. Bunty comes and tells that the news is shown on TV. They switch on the TV and sees Shabnam giving money to that woman. Sid catches her red handed and tells that he already knew that it was her work. He says dad is his God and he stayed silent infront of media as he was not having any proof before. DD thinks she has misunderstood Sid. Roshni says I have misunderstood him and says he might be upset with him. Simran says our Sid can’t be upset with you. Roshni hugs Raj and says everything is fine. DD regrets on her decision and says I don’t know how I will eye contact with him. Kesar praises Sid. Yash says I told you naa that everything will be fine. Resham praises Sid infront of Ganpath and sees Shabnam walking on the road. She follows her.

Shabnam sees her and hides. She throws banana peel and makes Resham falls down. Sid asks Shabnam if she is mad? He says I told you not to go out. He tells Shabnam that he made joker angry by disobeying him. He says I took your help to save my dad’s respect. He gets Joker’s message. He comes to a certain place and sees Ayesha playing with a joker while standing on the terrace end. Ayesha enjoys playing ball with joker and asks him to continue playing. Ayesha is about to fall, but joker holds her hand. He says we will play hide and seek game with your papa. Video gets off. Sid shouts joker….Ayesha.,….Joker asks did you think that you are oversmart? Sid warns him that if anything happens to his daughter then he will not spare him. He says I have stuck to your rules and have ruined my dad’s name. He says you didn’t tell me that I can’t clear his name. Joker says your next task is you have to divide your sasural people. Sid agrees and says you will not be spared Joker, I promise that…lets play the game. Joker laughs.

Joker comes to the room and removes the gloves. He says you might be thinking who am I? May be your old enemy. He removes his get up and says this is a game. He says you have no enemy………………..and reveals his face. He turns out to be Yash. He smiles evilly. He says I have given you a task and you was oversmart. He looks at Ayesha’s pic. He says I have promised myself that I will ruined your every relation, and will snatch all your relations from you, and you can’t do anything. You have ruined my life and made it a joke. He says you have ruined me and got me married to Sam, who have ruined me. He tells I met you with a plan and a flashback is shown. He says you thought you will have escaped from the hotel, but it was my plan.

He says you knew that you are oversmart. He says Alex was just my puppet. He says he have killed Alex when Sid is about to reach her. He says you told about your plans to me like a fool. He says you have made a big joke of my life and I will ruin you and your life by becoming joker.

DD talks to Sid and says shows trust towards him. Sid feels apologetic and says he can’t tell her truth. Yash smiles and says I will make you Dog..

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