Jamai Raja 12th February 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with DD searching for medicine in Shabnam’s cupboard. Shabnam comes to her room and sees keys on bed. She hurriedly picks it up and opens the cupboard. She looks out for the medicines and finds it there. She says thank God everything is fine. She keeps the bottle back. She locks the cupboard and leaves from the room. DD comes out of washroom and looks at the injection bottle. Kunal holds Jyoti Tai’s hand from behind. Jyoti Tai says someone is teasing me. Kunal says it is me, Kunal. Jyoti turns and says I should have understood that this cheap thing can’t be done by anybody else than you. She asks what you are doing here? Kunal asks her to say what she is doing here. Jyoti says I went to temple to pray for you and family. He asks you are teasing the girls here. Kunal says I came here following Sid, and asks did you see her. Jyoti says okay, so he was Sid who collided with me. She says if I would have known him then I would hold him and gives his hand in your hand. Kunal asks where did he go? Jyoti says that way. Kunal’s goons go to that side. Jyoti tells Kunal that he can’t do anything, at one side he couldn’t find Sid and couldn’t get Roshni. Kunal gets angry. Jyoti says it seems I have bet on a wrong horse. She asks him not to stare at her face and go and catch Sid. Kunal says if I get Sid, then I will bury him under the earth. Jyoti/Sid thinks Kunal is stupid.

Shabnam greets Anita and gives her champagne bottle. She says when this champagne opens up then everywhere will be sorrows. Anita laughs and thanks her. Shabnam smiles. The bottle was about to fall from her hands. Shabnam asks her to be careful as it will blast. Sid hears them.

Sid thinks Poornima is nearer and he has to make Roshni remember the past. Roshni comes to her and asks why she is teary eyes. Jyoti says she was cutting onion and that’s why tear is there in her eye. Roshni says she met Sid and want answers from him. She says she wants to remember her past and asks for her support. Shabnam hears them and thinks so this is going on between them.

Shabnam goes and tries to instigate Kunal against Jyoti Tai. Kunal says what nonsense, and tells that Jyoti Tai is helping him get close to Roshni. He says even he got closer to her on Jyoti Tai’s idea. Shabnam asks if he is a man or pajama. She says it was Jyoti’s plan to separate Roshni from him and tried to get her closer to Sid. She says that’s why Roshni have gone far from him. She asks him to go and see, as Jyoti is helping Roshni to meet Sid. Sid calls Twinkle and tells her that he saw Anita and Shabnam together. Twinkle gives him strength and asks him to win Roshni. Jyoti Tai helps Roshni get ready. Roshni tells her that she feels for Sid and not for Kunal. Sid hopes Roshni will get her memory. Later Sid talks to Pinto and asks him to make the arrangements ready. DD tells Sid that he is doing so much for his love and will succeed. Premal hears her and thinks DD is supporting Jyoti and his love.

Jyoti brings carpet and asks Roshni to take care. Bansi asks Shabnam to check the carpet and asks Jyoti who asked her to clean the carpet. Premal coms and says he asked Jyoti to get the carpet clean and asks her to come to his room. Jyoto says okay. Jyoti Tai keeps the carpet down, and takes out Roshni. Shabnam and Kunal see the carpet and tell that they are together. They see Jyoti Tai and Roshni leaving. Kunal says he will take out the bike and follow them. DD looks for Kunal and Shabnam. Kesar tells her that they went out. DD thinks they might be following Jyoti and Roshni, I have to inform Sid. She calls her but the phone is unreachable.

Roshni hugs Sid. Shabnam comes and stands close to them staring them.

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