Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 31st March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nandu seeing a white car in the compound. The car headlights glow and she stops. She goes to the car and sits. She says Sanjay, these are original documents of my house. He asks her to keep that and just sign on these papers. She gets shocked seeing Sunny. Sunny greets her and laughs asking did you get shocked, let me guess your house’s value, 2 crores, is Raju’s value just this for you, but for me, you are priceless. He laughs and says you are very smart, you tried to contact Sanjay directly, no use, as I have that footage, check this.

He does not give her the pendriver and says my dream will just be dream, as you can’t pay the price, fine I will burn my dream. He tears the papers and puts pendrive in it. He says I will burn this, this is not needed now. She stops him and please, that pendrive…. She gets scared and blows off the fire. He says be careful. She begs to him for Raju’s life. he asks will you sign and get Raju’s sign. She says yes, get the footage please. He shows the real footage in the pendrive and she gets shocked. He says that was just a dummy. She asks why are you not giving me this footage. He says you played so many games and want everything easily, I will give this footage after I fill sindoor in your maang, after I make you wear mangalsutra, then I will give this footage as a gift. He says we will get married till noon and Raju will be released after lunch. She asks how to believe you. He says you don’t have any other option. He laughs.

Nandu comes to meet Raju in police station. Raju says I felt you won’t come. She says even I felt the same, you are Garima’s cure, she is waiting for you, life does not run as you think, I did what I can do for Garima. He asks so? She says you did not think about me, I have to think about myself, my identity is a murderer’s wife, you confessed the crime, you did not think what will happen of me, I m sorry, I m not great like you to sacrifice my life. He asks what do you want. She says freedom from you. She gives the papers and asks him to sign, and give her freedom.

Raju cries and says you came full prepared, whats written in these papers. She says that our marriage had no meaning, so that I can marry Sunny. He gets shocked and looks at her. She says Raju, if you loved me ever, then sign on these papers, free me from your custody, I already signed. Raju says I don’t understand, did Nandu come or anyone else with Nandu’s face, some problems came in life and you left support. She says we never lived normal life, I won’t let my life end like this, you have hurt my dreams and hopes, now I will take care of myself. He says laws is better, you made my punishment easy by giving this punishment, give me papers, thanks. She cries.

Raju signs on the papers and asks Nandu to get lost, go and marry Sunny. She turns away and cries. He gets angry. Nandu calls Mrs. Luthra and says I bought that footage, I will send it, can you withdraw the case against Raju. Mrs. Luthra says even I want to, but who is the real killer, did he say. Nandu says no, that was not the condition, I promise Raju will find the real killer. Mrs. Luthra says I will talk to my lawyer. Nandu thanks her and leaves.

Nandu comes home and cries. Sunny holds her and says congrats, lets take a selfie, see we look cute, made for each other. He goes to show photo to Nani. Nani gets upset and cries. Sunny says I m very excited. Nani gets Raju’s lawyer’s call and talks. Nandu tells Sunny that Raju signed, officially Raju and my marriage dissolved. She cries. Sunny checks papers and asks are you happy, smile. She asks him to give footage now. He says no, what are you doing, don’t take Raju’s name, now you belong to me. She says you promised me that you will give me that footage. He says yes, I made you mine now, don’t worry, when you become my legal wife, I will give footage to his lawyer. She asks him is he saying truth. He says yes, come sit. He applies mehendi to her feet and says this is first step. Nani looks on and says she spoke to Raju’s lawyer, person does foolishness in emotions, Raju’s case will get dragged, what about Nandu’s life. Nandu cries. Nani says I understand Sunny’s favors now, this marriage is Nandu’s good luck, I will also do my best, I will do her bidaai by my heart. Sunny tells Nandu that your life will get brighten from tomorrow morning. Nandu cries as Sunny applies the mehendi.

Nani and everyone tell Sunny that someone has kidnapped Nandu. Sunny fumes and says this can’t happen.

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