Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 29th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with inspector seeing the live video of Raju accepting the crime. Raju gets beaten up by police. Inspector asks him to accept the crime. Raju accepts that he killed Luthra. His lawyer asks Raju why did you do this. Raju says get my mum freed soon, I accepted the crime,

Nandu is sad at home. She gets the call from Sunny. Sunny says I m getting Garima back. Nandu thanks him and asks where are you. Sunny says we entered model town. Garima is brought home. Nandu rushes and gets worried seeing Garima unconscious. She says I will take her to my home, I don’t want to take risk by entering that home. Sunny smiles and asks are you still thinking of that bad luck thing. She takes Garima. He says its good if you think this.

Nandu calls doctor. Sunny stares at her. Nandu asks doctor to come soon, Garima is ill, its urgent. She thinks she should not tell Raju. She asks Nani to inform Raju. Nani asks did you not call him. Nandu says I don’t have courage to call. Nani says you are still thinking that nonsense, when Raju knows his mum came home, he will come running, I will call him. Sunny stops Nani. He says its no use to call Raju. Nandu asks why. Sunny says Raju can’t come home. Nandu says I will call him. she says he is not answering. Sunny says because he is in police custody. They get shocked. Sunny says Raju accepted the murder blame to free Garima. Nandu and Nani cry. Sunny says I wish this was fake, but Raju threatened Mrs. Luthra and advocate to make them take the case back against Garima. Nandu says that’s not true. Sunny says Raju confessed the crime. Nani worries and goes to Garima. Nandu runs to her room. Sunny thinks its time Nandu gets close to me and away from Raju.

Nandu cries recalling Raju’s words. Sunny comes and asks why are you doing this drama now. She asks him to go. He says nothing is hidden between us, its all in our favor, you got freedom from Raju, I feel this is time to celebrate. He gets wine and says lets celebrate, no one will come in between our love now. She cries and recalls her lies told to Sunny. She throws the glass angrily. Nandu says I just love Raju and will always love him all my life, I don’t love you. He asks why did she lie. She asks him not to dare to touch her. He says fine, whats the truth, this is love, not a trial room decisions, its about my life and love.

Sunny asks Nandu how can she say she loves Raju now. Nandu cries and says like you acted that you love Rashmi, I did acting for my family’s safety, you were troubling them, the fact is I did not love you ever, and can’t love you. He cries and says it means you don’t love me, You love Raju, fine, but you don’t know the result of whatever you did, Raju is out of your life, he will be in jail for many years. She says I will wait for him, you wait and watch. He says strange, you are ready to wait for him all your life and not accept my life. Nani asks Nandu to come, doctor has come. Nandu goes downstairs. Sunny gets angry and says either Nandu got made or making me more mad, just I have right on Nandu’s love, if not then…. It will be all ruined.

Doctor checks Garima. Garima takes Raju’s name. Doctor says her state is very bad, her BP is fluctuating, where is Raju, call him, if he is here, it will be good, else her condition can get worse. Sunny calls Nandu and says just I can get Raju proved innocent, if you want my help, come to my house.

Nandu talks to Sunny, lawyer and Mrs. Luthra. Sunny tells about some evidence which can make Raju proved innocent. He says he got a clipping from Sanjay, he knew Raju is getting framed in it, he wanted to make money by blackmailing the real killer, but the killer was clever, he knew Raju is already in jail, so he did not negotiate with Sanjay, I don’t know the killer, Sanjay said till we buy the clip, he will not reveal the name. Mrs. Luthra says we will see the clip first. Sunny says fine, I will call him and get the clip.

He calls Sanjay and says I would like to buy the clip, can you send it. He plays Raju and Nandu’s marriage footage and says it shows that Raju was present there at the time of Luthra’s murder. He says everyone is witness of this, so that means Raju did not kill murder. He says Garima has sent threatening message and she is also seen there without her phone. Nandu smiles. Sunny says it means she is also innocent. Nandu gets glad and says Raju and mummy ji are innocent. Sunny thinks I played perfect plan, now Nandu is ready to get trapped.

Sunny tells Nandu that I paid for clip, and now the price for Raju’s release is Nandu herself. She removes her mangalsutra and says I have given myself to you. She cries.

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