Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 22nd March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sunny coming to meet Rashmi. He hugs Rashmi and cries. He says we can’t live without each other. She says me too. He says we can unite by death, we have to die, so that we can unite in our next birth, are you ready with me for our love. She asks him to test. He says I decided I will give up my life at my home, this is my suicide note, see. She gets shocked and cries. She says I love you more than you love me. She writes her suicide note that she can’t live without Shekhar, the reason behind her death is love. He gives her a blade to give up her life. He asks her to give up her life and give him a missed call, then he will die. She cries and says we will meet in next birth. She hugs him and cries. He says I will wait for your call. He leaves.

Rashmi takes the blade. She calls Raju and says you said true, Sunny is a devil, he gave me a blade and asked me to commit suicide, he asked me to give missed call. Raju says give him missed call, don’t come out of room till I end this drama. She apologizes to Raju and says I will give Sunny a missed call. She gives a missed call to Sunny. Sunny gets glad and says I love Nandini a lot, I can’t see right and wrong, Rashmi everything is fair in love and war, I can’t come there, I have much work, I have to separate Raju from Nandu and then marry Nandu.

He goes to Garima’s house and says I want to meet Rashmi once, I wanted to see her. Garima says see your state, I will call Rashmi. She goes upstairs and shouts Rashmi….. Sunny gets glad and says Rashmi kept her promise, you did big favor on me, now I will come more close to Nandu.

Raju asks what happened. Garima says Rashmi committed suicide. Sunny asks what are you doing. Raju stops Sunny from going and calls ambulance. He asks Sunny to leave. Sunny says let me see Rashmi once. Raju blames Sunny. Nandu saks Raju not to blame Sunny, he loves Rashmi. Raju says see the result of love, you are fighting with me. He gets a stick. Nandu asks Sunny to just run. Sunny runs. Nandu and everyone laugh.

Nandu acts like Sunny. Raju says he can hear it, we should not let Rashmi come out of room. Sunny goes home and laughs. He thanks Rashmi for dying, she is so nice, I just said and you gave your life, you love me so much, but you know I love Nandu.

Sunny tells that Nandu will come to me. He has moved Raju aside and targeted Nandu. He laughs and says I have used Rashmi…. Nandu says see Rashmi, blood is not stopping. Raju says she wrote suicide note… Nandu says she wrote your name, Shekhar is a nice guy. Garima says call him, maybe Rashmi will get saved. Sunny says it means Rashmi did not die. Raju says I will drag Shekhar from his house. Nandu says you won’t do this. Raju says I m going to him. Sunny shuts door and hears ambulance sound. He hides at home and looks outside. He sits drinking wine and says Rashmi, please die, your sacrifice is necessary for my love. Raju and Nandu sit in ambulance and continue their fake fight to make Sunny hear them.. Nandu says you should have called for ambulance having oxygen facility, why did you blame Sunny. Raju argues. Nandu asks Rashmi to get fine and then she will get Sunny and her married.

Raju and Nandu fight and ask each other to shut up. The sound stops and Shekhar thinks how will I know did Rashmi die or get saved, come on start. Nandu asks doctor how is Rashmi, and Sunny hears them. Nani acts as doctor and says Rashmi died. Nandu and Garima shout no and cry. Sunny gets glad. He says Rashmi got a noble death and hears the family crying. Raju argues with Nandu and asks why is she defending Sunny. Sunny says Nandu loves me. Nani asks them to stop fighting over Rashmi’s death. Nandu says I did mistake, I should have accepted Sunny’s proposal in life, Rashmi would have not done suicide. She acts and says sometimes we get such passionate lover. Sunny says cheers, now starts Nandu and Sunny’s love story. Nandu says Raju, I will leave you. Raju says I will see how you go. Sunny says now Raju and Nandu’s love story will end.

Sunny tells Nandu that he has no motive to live life after Rashmi’s death. She asks him to make her motive of his life..

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