Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 1st April 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with ladies of model town congratulating Sunny for marrying Nandu. He thanks them. Nandu gets ready and the ladies say Nandu took right decision, don’t know when will Raju get released, his future is not secure. Raju’s lawyer calls her and says I m standing outside your house, and asks about pendrive. She says I m marrying someone else now, Sunny will give me pendrive after marriage. He says fine.

Sunny asks lawyer to give affidavit in court. His lawyer says you can legally marry Nandu now, as Nandu and Raju signed on papers. The men give him sweets. The ladies come running and say Nandu is missing, she is not there. Nani cries and says they took Nandu, they kidnapped Nandu at knife point. Sunny gets shocked and goes to check Nandu’s room. He gets her broken bangles. He says who did this with my Nandini. He gets her bridal dress and says I gave this to Nandu, I will ruin everything if anything happens to Nandu, seal everything. Model town people laugh and fool Sunny.

Sunny gets locked inside the house and bangs door. He asks them to open door. Mishra says we sealed the door as you said. Sunny says not this door. Mishra opens the door. Sunny says someone has taken Nandu and ran away from window. His lawyer asks who kidnapped her. Mishra says its kalyug. Lawyer asks will marriage not happen. Sunny says it will happen.

Police comes there and asks the constable to not let anyone go out. Sunny says so you got news that Nandu is kidnapped. Inspector says no, news is Raju run away from jail. Sunny says it means Raju has kidnapped Nandu, I will not leave you. Inspector calls out for Raju to come out, you can’t hide like this. Sunny goes to his house and gets angry. He says I will kill Raju, I will see how you stop my and Nandu’s marriage. Raju plays recording and says who wants to stop your marriage, congrats Shekhar, its good you connected this system, we can talk via this. Now you and Nandu can marry, but don’t make me wait, if you refuse to give footage, then I will be in jail, give footage to my lawyer and you will get your bride. Sunny asks whats the proof you have Nandu. Nandu asks Sunny to save her from this devil. Sunny says don’t worry Nandini.

He goes out and shouts Raju…. He asks everyone not to worry, this gun is for Nandu’s safety. He tells inspector that he spoke to Raju, he is hiding in model town, he has kidnapped Nandu, he said when I give pendrive to lawyer, he will leave Nandu. He takes mic from inspector. He says Raju, I know you are hiding here, I will give pendrive when you leave Nandu. Raju says I can see and hear you. Raju asks Sunny to give pendrive. Nandu asks Sunny is this real footage, check it, else we will get in problem. Sunny says its real, I wanted to gift this after our marriage. He gives the pendrive to lawyer. He shouts Raju, where are you.

Raju and Nandu have a talk. Nandu says you did not do right by running away. Raju says I had no option, when you took my signs on papers, I thought maybe Sunny blackmailed you, I understood Sunny has shot Luthra, I met Mrs. Luthra and lawyer, we had no proof and made a plan against him, I will get that footage before marriage, I laid this trap and informed Nani everything at night. Nandu says that’s what I was thinking how did Nani change. Raju says I told model town people to make Sunny eat bhaang laddoos, he will confess he killed Luthra. The model town people provoke Sunny more. Raju tells Sunny that Nandu and I are discussing something, Nandu has made me understand love. Sunny gets angry and asks him to give Nandu back.

He asks Nandu where are you, tell me, I will come. Nandu says no one can reach me, I m in Raju’s heart. Raju and Nandu talk romantic. Mishra says Raju is doing bad. Sunny says I will get Nandu. He asks inspector to find Nandu. Raju tells Nandu that I m seeing you today, you are made for me. She says we are made for each other. Sunny says this marriage will happen. Mishra asks how will it happen. Sunny says I will kill them. Nandu says Sunny is Raavan. Raju says then we will meet, Raavan could not stop Ram and Sita’s union. Sunny looks at his house. He goes there and sees Raju and Nandu together.

He gets angry and cries. He says Nandu cheated me again, like I killed Luthra, I will kill both of them. Bittoo records everything. Inspector asks did you kill Luthra. Sunny says yes, I killed him, Nandu’s love won, you proved you can never be mine, if I can not be yours, its no use for me to be alive, but remember you won’t get anyone like me to love me, be happy. He is about to shoot himself. Raju stops him. Raju asks Bittoo for recording. He says this camera has Sunny’s confession, arrest him. Nandu says I will always be of Raju’s. Sunny gets arrested. Ram siya ram….plays………..

Raju and Nandu cmile. Bairi piya………….plays…………… Everyone clap for them. Nani says now Agni pariksha is over, our Ram and Siya had union. Raju and Nandu smile.

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