Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 18th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nandu saying Rashmi is not at home, where can she go. Raju says I will go and see. Rashmi comes in bridal clothes. Raju gets shocked. Rashmi says Shekhar and I got married. Garima and Nandu smile. Rashmi says I have come for bidaai rasam. Nandu congratulates her. Garima says we will do bidaai rasam. Raju says bidaai will happen, not from this house, you can’t ruin your life till I m alive, you married that devil, I will make you take reverse rounds and break your marriage. Garima says you won’t do this. Raju shouts shut up.

Raju keeps knife at Sunny’s neck and makes Sunny and Rashmi take reverse rounds. Rashmi cries. Garima and Nandu look on. Raju breaks the ghatbandhan. He says now this marriage does not mean anything. Rashmi runs from there. Raju asks Garima to come. Sunny asks what a brother, you broke her marriage second time, you decide everything in Kaushik family, return the diamond necklace which my mom gave to Rashmi as shagun. Raju holds his head and says I will throw it on your face in 10 days. Garima says I will return it Shekhar, Raju is no one to do favor on us. They leave.

Nandu tells Garima that Rashmi locked herself in room. Garima says we should not leave Rashmi alone tonight, her marriage happened and broke. Nandu says this marriage won’t break on Raju’s saying. Raju comes home and says give me 10 days time, I will throw 25 lakhs on Sunny’s face. Garima asks him not to do anything, I will repay that loan. Raju asks why, am I not son of this house. Garima says no, you are not related to us now, just pity on me and leave this house. She shuts the door on his face. Raju cries.

Garima tells Nandu that Raju will not stay here now, you decide you have to stay with your husband or inlaws, I will not have objection with your decision. Nandu says Raju can’t manage himself alone, and this house needs me. She goes upstairs.

Garima turns and sees Raju lying on the sofa. He says Raju you… Raju says this does not happen, if you ask me to leave house and I leave, I will not go, I will repay that loan. She says leave from here else… he says will you call police, I will not go. She goes.

Its morning, Raju calls Agarwal and asks about his shop. He asks for some advance. Agarwal ends call. Sunny calls Luthra and says you said you want someone to kill your cousin, is he still alive, I have someone who will do your work, I will message his name and address. He sends Raju’s details and smiles. He says Raju, Nandu likes your goodness, lets change it and push it towards bad.

Luthra comes to meet Raju. Raju says atleast anyone has come. Raju sees the money and some pic. Nandu looks on from far. Luthra says I will give remaining 75 lakhs after work ends. Raju asks what work did you get. Luthra says Arvind is my cousin, you have to kill him, there is his address and number behind pic. Raju sees the number and calls Arvind. He says Manoj Luthra has come here to me with your supari, he gave 25 lakhs and will give 75 lakhs later, be careful, I called to alert you, your brother is after you, I don’t do any wrong work these days, thanks. He ends call. Luthra scolds Raju and leaves. Nandu smiles and goes to Raju.

She holds his hand and cries. He hugs her. Music plays….. Sunny looks at them angrily. He goes to meet Rashmi. Sunny waits for Rashmi. Garima says Rashmi does not want to meet you. He says you can’t fight with my fate, I was always unlucky in love, you just take care of Rashmi, tell me last goodbye to him. Garima stops him and asks where are you going. He says somewhere far. A man comes and says this is Kaushik’s house right, who want to keep house mortgaged. Sunny starts acting good infront of Garima. He asks Garima what is she doing, sorry for mom’s anger.

Sunny asks Garima not to mortgage her house. He sends the man and asks her to take some loan to shut Indu’s mouth, he will guarantee for the loan. He goes. Garima thinks don’t know what bad thing Raju sees in such a nice guy.

Raju comes to his gym and sees a man. The man Arvind tells Raju that he has come to thank him, he got saved. Raju says I don’t want to do anything wrong now. Arvind says yes, when anyone is in heart, it stops you from doing wrong, I came here to give you job, I have life risk, many people are after my death, I can give you 2 lakhs per month if you become my bodyguard, I can give you 25 lakhs as advance. Raju says you are trusting me so soon. Arvind says its for your loyalty. Raju says I will guard your life from today and thanks him.

Garima sits sad at home. A man comes home and tells her that he has come to give loan amount, Shekhar has sent him. He gives her the bag and says no need to sign any papers, Shekhar gave guarantee. He goes. Garima takes the money. Nandu goes out and gets Sunny’s call. Sunny says I went to meet Rashmi, she refused to meet me. She says Rashmi is disturbed. Sunny says I found solution, tell Rashmi that I loved her a lot. She asks what solution. He says I m going away from Rashmi’s life, give her my message. She asks what are you going to do. He says it won’t matter, bye. She runs to Sunny’s house and sees him putting kerosene on himself. He asks her not to come in between, I don’t want to die.

She says this is madness, we will find solution. He says I want Rashmi, how many times will my heart break, you remember, when I fell in love with you, I expressed my love, you rejected me, its fine, I thought to give myself another chance and love someone else, but what happened now, my life lost to my fate. She cries. He pushes her away and takes lighter. He says I will fail my fate today. She gets shocked. .

Rest comming soon.

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