Jaana Na Dil Se Door 7th July 2016 Written Episode

The episodes starts with Atharv realizing that Guddi is in some problem and goes in his bike.Sujata and Abdool uncle is worried.Badri gets a call and is shocked.He ends the calls and informs Kailash that the police found Chintu’s car and they said that they ranaway.Vividha and everyone is shocked.Kailash asks Ankit to go and find them.Vividha tries to go but he stops her.Sujata calls Atharv and informs him.He says fine and ends the call.

Vividha tries to explain Kailash but he scolds her.Vividha says Papa and is in diabelief.Guddi runs after Chintu and begs him to stop.Atharv sees them.He hears the police saying that they found the culprit’s name and they will find him soon.Vividha asks her mother to come with her to find Guddi but Kailash warns them that they will not go anywhere.Vividha
says papa.Kailash says half of the respect u ruined it and now u want people to disrespect Guddi.Vividha begs him but in vain.Guddi asks Chintu to please stop.Sha falls in the mud and her dress gets torn.Chintu stops and scolds her for falling.He says u will get in trouble and will drag me also.Guddi struggles to get up and walk with pain.Her duppatta is left there.

Atharv and the police is finding them seperately.Atharv notices her dupatta.Vividha asks Uma to explain Kailash and worries for Guddi.Uma tries to speak butKailash looks at her angrily and she stops saying.

Badri asks them why r they so worried.Vividha replies that Chintu has ruined it all.Kailash akss vividha to calm down and says Chintu is with her and nothing will happen.Vividha doesnt listen and turns to go.Kailash shouts Vividha.He goes to her and says they will be coming soon as he trusts Chintu.Vividha looks on.

Guddi shouts where have u brought me.She says u said that u will leave me at my house.Atharv notices the dupatta.Sujata lights a diya and prays to god, says Atharv went to find Guddi and asks him to help them.Abdool uncle also prays that Guddi be fine.He asks Allah to help her.Uma goes out and meets Sujata.She says she has to talk something important.Sujata asks her not to worry as Atharv has gone to find Vividha.Vividha and Uma looks on and vividha recalls Atharv’s words.She realizes he was right and goes to the temple.She cries and sits down.She prays to go that I know Guddi is in problem and papa isnt letting me go.She worries and askd god to help her return home safely.Uma also prays to bring Guddi safelt home.Dadi comes out and looks on.Sujata thinks this is happening just because of Kailash.She also prays.

Sujata asks Uncle to bring mop as they will be searching for Guddi.Guddi reaches some place and asks Chintu why have u brought me here.Chintu scolds her and blames her for the happenings.Guddi is shocked.She asks what do u mean.Chintu asks her not to be innocent.He scolds her.Guddi says u said u loved me.Chintu says I hadnt even touched u and u cried.Guddi is shocked and cries.guddi sks her to stop staring and not to act innocent.She keeps looking at him.He says u just trap boys.Guddi gets angry and tries to slap him but he holds her hand angrily and hurts her hand.He throws her hand away and slaps her.She falls and cries badly.He asks her not to even dare to raise hand on him.She seez Atharv coming there and gets happy.Atharv fumes seeing all this.Chintu is shocked seeing him.

Precap:Atharv jumps and punches Chintu.He beats him a lot.He pushes him angrily.Guddi shouts to beat him more.She looks on.

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