Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone crying as Atharv is leaving. Channa Mereya…..plays……….. Atharv greets everyone. Vividha and Sujata cry. Atharv say we will go on mission and win. Atharv stops and sees Vividha. He asks her not to cry, Atharv will come back. Ravish stops Vividha and holds her. He says entire family is here, nothing will happen to Atharv. She cries. Suman asks Ravish to take Vividha to room. Sujata cries and recalls Atharv.

Vividha says they took him Ravish and I could not do anything. He says don’t blame yourself, its not your mistake. Sujata gets angry and asks whose mistake is it, Atharv’s life has got all the wrong happening because of Vividha, she has come in his life as bad fate, he lost house, work, senses because of her, now he is blamed
of murder also, she is like a bad shadow who swallows the light, Guddi died because of her, Atharv did not die, but his life is worse than death because of her. Ravish asks how can you blame Vividha, you know she loves Atharv a lot.

Sujata asks love? Her love brings storm of destruction, which ruins everyone. She says Vividha did wrong with my son, Vividha will never get peace in any birth. Vividha cries. She goes to her room. Ravish comes. She asks him to leave her alone for some time. She recalls Atharv’s words and love.

She says I m sorry Atharv, even today I could not support you, when you needed me the most, I could not hold your hand in front of everyone, I could not stop you, forgive me. She recalls his words and says Atharv said I m also black cat, it means there is someone else, whom Atharv calls black cat, who can it be. She thinks well. Ravish hears her and asks are you sure. Vividha says yes, he said I m also a black cat, Sujata can’t send that note to me, Atharv can’t send it too, it means someone else is doing this.

She says that person will be in peace now that Atharv went. He asks about fingerprints. She says maybe Atharv’s fingerprints came by mistake, its not certain that Atharv has thrown Guddi down, my heart is saying Atharv is innocent, we have to find the real murderer. Sujata cries for Atharv. Suman gets food for her.

Sujata says sorry, I can’t have food. Suman says everyone staying in this house is taken well care of, have food. Sujata asks how shall I have food, I don’t know my son had food or not. Suman says I can understand, I m also a mother, a mother can do anything when its about her son’s happiness and safety. Sujata says Atharv just eats food by my hand. Nurse gives food to Atharv. He says its such bad food, get food made by Sujata. She asks him to eat. He shouts I won’t eat this bad food. The warden comes and asks whats happening, have food silently. Atharv says I want picnic food, this is bad food. The man asks him to have it. Atharv says I will not stay here, and takes his bag to leave. The man stops him and slaps.

Vividha gets up from sleep and worries for Atharv. The man says this is mental asylum, not your house, have food, whats your name. Nurse says he is Atharv Sujata. Atharv hears it and gets angry. The man says Atharv Sujata, get up. Atharv looks at him. The man asks whom are you staring, have food. He force feeds Atharv. Atharv recalls getting beaten up. He slaps the man and starts beating him. Vividha says I promised him, I will not leave him alone, I have to get him back any way.

She goes out. Ravish stops her at the door. He asks where is she going at night alone. She says I m going out, don’t try to stop me. He asks where are you going. She says I have to get Atharv. He asks are you in senses, you think they will welcome you. She says I know, but I know there is someone else who killed Guddi, Atharv is in problem, I have to go there. The ward boys catch Atharv. Atharv says what did I do, leave me. Jaana na dil se door…..plays……….The ward boys put Atharv on bed.

Ravish says we need proof to prove him innocent. She says we can’t wait for proof, I feel he is not fine there. The warden angrily gives electric shocks to Atharv and says I don’t care if he dies. Atharv shouts to Sujata and Vividha.

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