Jaana Na Dil Se Door 15th June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Uma telling Vividha what she did. Kailash has called Bharadwajs by requesting them, you left again and ran to that Atharv, you hugged him in the middle of the road, do you know what you did. Dadi asks Vividha why is she doing this, did anyone do magic on her. Uma says Vividha you are Kailash’s pride, do you realize now. Dadi cries and says girls should be taught this before, I trusted Vividha, you have broken my trust and shattered my pride. Dadi tells Uma that Vividha did the same thing, that you did many years ago. She scolds Uma.

Kailash comes home. He shouts Uma and asks her to pack bags, we are leaving from here. Vividha says Papa. He signs her not to say anything and leaves. She cries.

Kailash and his family leave in the car. He drives angrily. Vividha sits crying and recalls Atharv. Saware……plays…………. Kailash brings them to Sujata’s house. They all get stunned. Kailash says now this house is ours. Vividha says but Sujata and ………… Kailash says this house is getting vacated for us, we will stay here from today, this is our new house.

Vividha recalls Sujata’s words about her house. She recalls Sujata telling Vividha that this house is her friend, her companion of peace, this is my mother’s lap for me, I was an orphan when this lady adopted me, then I knew whats mother’s love, I felt these four walls is called home, this house is her last sign, I have lived this house, I cried by hugging these walls, my and my Atharv’s laugh struck the roof, the house is standing silently holding my life, I feel very protected here. FB ends. Vividha cries.

Kailash opens the gate band says this house is ours from today, and everything else too. The cow does moo moo angrily. Kailash gets shocked, as the cow runs after Kailash. Vividha comes in between and stops the cow Gungun, saying he is my dad, move back. She calms the cow and says I know you are not liking this, come. She takes the cow and sits talking with the calf Payal. She tells Payal that she is with her, and hugs. Everyone look on. Kailash asks Dubey why did he not send the cows. Dubey says they will be taken tomorrow. Kailash says cows should not get hurt, take care of the cows, they are Mata. He asks Vividha to come. The men throw Sujata’s belongings. Vividha gets shocked.

Vividha recalls Sujata and Atharv, and the memories with everything at Atharv’s house. They throw Athaarv’s helmet. She recalls Atharv. He says there will be nothing here of their house, just our things will be here. He says children can turn face away after doing mistakes, but elders have to protect their prestige. He asks her to fix the new bandhanvaar welcome string to their house, and takes her. He asks her to remove the old floral welcome ribbon. Vividha recalls Sujata. FB shows Sujata tying the welcome ribbon Bandhanvaar and fixing to the door, saying I made this myself. Vividha says I will also make bandhanvaar myself and fix. She also helps Sujata. FB ends. Kailash asks Vividha what is she thinking, fix the new one. She turns to him. She asks what are you doing this. He asks what. She says we could have taken house anywhere else, but was this imp to make Sujata homeless, why are we snatching this house from here, why are we doing this. He says you are asking me this, when you were born, people mourned that you are a daughter, what did I tell them that I got Laxmi, respect her. He cries and tells her his struggle, he had a dream to have his own tea stall and he has wished to get Uma’s delivery done well in a good private hospital, I worked hard for your peaceful sleep after birth. She cries.

Kailash promises that Vividha’s bidaai will happen in better home. Sujata comes with Atharv, and says Vividha’s doli will come here.

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