Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Jashn 24th November 2015 Written Episode


The show starts with highlights of last season. Arnav and Khushi hated each other, but destiny still brought them together. They separated, they met again. And they wrote a love story. Rabba Ve plays..but they couldn’t name that love because they had too much hatred and too much love. Then they held hands and walked to support each other for lifetime. They were away from us, but today we brought them back.



Arnav wakes up and calls Khushi. A servant comes. Arnav asks him where Khushi is. The servant says he can’t tell him because she told him not to and gives him a tablet to see Khushi’s message before having tea. Arnav opens the tablet. Khushi shouts, laad governor. I am upset from you that is why calling you laad governor. You won’t remember, so I will remind you. She asks what’s the date today? Arnav looks at the servant. Khushi shouts not to ask the servant and says she’s very upset as he forgot today’s date. Arnav tries to remember.. Khushi says she won’t talk to him nor meet him today, and asks him to remember what happened 3 years ago on same date. The servant was about to give him tea and he gets call from Khushi. He tells Khushi he didn’t tell anything to Arnav. Arnav is confused. The servant says that he didn’t tell him that it’s their wedding anniversary. The servant leaves. Arnav says, what the…wedding anniversary? Arnav says for their first anniversary, he planned a surprise but that was 3 weeks later and Khushi talked to him with actions, don’t know what will happen now.

He gets ready. He says Khushi gifted him a watch on 2nd anniversary and he bought chocolates in London on last minute. When he got back and gave it to her, she had some fast. That time she didn’t use any action either. He calls Khushi and she disconnects. He then gets a call from Aman. Arnav says he’s not going to office today and asks him to cancel all his meetings. Aman wishes him. Arnav says even Aman remembers, he will have to do something.

He comes out of his room and says he will decorate entire house, buy many gifts and win back Khushi. He gets a text message from Khushi with angry face.

He’s wrapping the gifts. He says he forgot, but he can’t believe it’s been 3 years of him and Khushi. Can anyone imagine he, Arnav Singh Raizada, is doing all the decorations? Well he will have to. Khushi’s message was scary. He continues, balloons and decorations is not him. He used to be an arrogant and a cruel businessman..well he wasn’t, Khushi Kumari Gupta used to think that. Sometimes he can’t believe they got married after how their first meeting was. He recalls the fashion show scene where Khushi was sent out thinking she’s a model and was forced to walk on the ramp and Arnav staring at her angrily..and then Khushi landing into his arms. Back to present, he smiles and says that he finds it strange thinking that once his wife used to go around in busy streets in ghagra-choli, on stolen bike from a milkman with helmet. Crazy. That scene is shown now. Back to present, this is destiny’s game. You will never know when a stranger becomes your partner, a moment when a stranger touches your heart. That day they headed back to their homes. First meeting was so bitter. He didn’t expect to meet again..and that too in his office. He asks the servant for coffee..and then stops remembering Khushi told him to do his own work. He goes and gets coffee.

He continues that he didn’t know Khushi was working in his office. Now the first office scene is shown where Khushi did diya and fire alarm went on and sprinklers started and his presentation got spoiled. He was so angry and today she says the Goddess did that so he learns to calm down..and his sister finds that explanation correct.

Sometimes you start hearing your see one person everywhere. That day same happened to him. He didn’t say back then, but he realized it now. Khushi didn’t look bad. She looked like someone with whom you fall in love like that. Scene from past – Khushi in red saree is shown and Arnav glaring at her. He continues that time he didn’t care about anything, but something happened in his heart. Rabba Ve plays….

Back to present, he says she wasn’t someone who would stay quiet. She gave it back to him. The factory scene is shown where Khushi got mad at Arnav and lectured him that money is not everything. He doesn’t see anything except himself. Back to present, he says he was shocked that tiny girl was taking ‘panga’ with him. But now it’s been 3 years of their marriage, so he can understand it. He gets call from Khushi. He says hey… Khushi replies angrily..what the, he’s insulting her. The servant told her everything. She won’t talk to him. She’s leaving. Arnav says you have left’re not at home? She says, you’re making my fun again? Arnav Singh Raziada, I will never come back. She hangs.

Precap (Next Epi on Saturday?): Arnav is looking at sweets. He says 1 year quota of Jalebi for Khushi which she will finish in a day. And sukha meva, for her diabetic husband. He then finds a letter and is shocked reading it.

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