Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd April 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Viplav going to room angrily and thinks what you have done beta Shalu….He gets tensed and wonders what to do now? He thinks why did Dasharath agreed and thinks Raja is not good right for her. He wonders what to do? He comes out of room with the stuff. Dhaani asks what you are doing? Viplav says this is our stuff, we will not stay here anymore as a cheap man like Raja became damad of the house. Dasharath asks what you are saying? Viplav says this man have misbehaved with my wife, and I can’t accept him. Dhaani says this is our family, how can we leave them. Viplav says they don’t care about you, and me, and don’t respect my decision. Kanak tells him that Shalu had cut her wrist and that’s why they agreed for her marriage with Raja. Viplav says I know very well what you can do to fulfill your wish, but doesn’t know that you will ruin her life, and even Dada ji. He says I can’t sit here and sees her ruined. Kanak says Shalu loves Raja and says I know well that Dhaani had a relation with Raja in the past. Viplav says you know very well, and asking me to stop. Raja asks Viplav not to leave the house because of him. Viplav angrily asks him not to interfere in his family matter. He says I am leaving the house, but not breaking relation with anyone. You all can be happy now. Dasharath asks Dhaani to accept his decisions and stop Viplav.

Dhaani goes behind Viplav. Dasharath asks him not to leave the house. Viplav angrily goes out. Dhaani comes out and tells Viplav, we will not leave our house and go. Viplav says which house? Didn’t you see how they behaved with me, they don’t care about their son. He says I am not stubborn, I just want to make everyone understand that I am not part of the family anymore, and can’t see whatever is going to happen in the house. Dhaani asks him to understand and says this is what Raja wanted. We have to face him as we know his face. Viplav says you are not understanding, our family don’t trust us. Dhaani says we are not going anywhere. Viplav says you can stay here then it is your decision. He says you are right. Sad version of Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……….Viplav asks her to stop there itself….Shalu blames herself and says Viplav left house because of her. Raja says everything will be fine. He says he knows Dhaani very well and she won’t let Viplav leave. He says if Viplav leaves then he will bring him back and promises her. Shalu hugs him.

Raja comes out and sees Dhaani standing. Dhaani angrily says you have became Shalu’s husband because of cleverness, but remember one thing that you are just Shalu’s husband and she is my sister. She asks him to be in limits and not to think of doing anything bad. She says I am not just bahu of this house, but a protection shield. you have to face me before doing anything.

Raja’s mum tells Kanak that she will leave now. Kanak asks her why she is going and says it is late. Raja’s mum says she will stay in hotel for tonight. Kanak asks them to stay in the house. Raja’s mum says no and says we will leave. Kanak stops them and asks them to stay till Shalu recovers, and says Shalu will feel happy. Raja’s mum and mami agrees. Raja tells Dhaani that rope is burnt, but still there is strength. Dhaani tries to answer him. Just then Raja sees family member coming there, and starts acting. He says he don’t want her or Viplav to have any problem because of him. He asks where is Viplav? If he went? He says he will bring Viplav home and will convince her. He asks her to come inside the house, else she will get ill in heat. He says I will bring water for you. Dasharath gets touched by Raja’s words and says I like when you said that you want to take care of us. He calls Dhaani and asks her to come inside. Dhaani says I will not go anywhere and asks him not to worry.

Dasharath asks Raja to come inside. Kanak looks angrily at Dhaani. Viplav thinks about Shalu’s marriage, and Kanak’s words, Shalu and Dasharath’s words. Dhaani calls Viplav. He cuts the call. Dhaani thinks I have to bring Viplav home, turns and sees Kanak standing. Kanak says you are shamelessly resting in my house being a beggar and my son who is Kanak Tripathi’s son is roaming on street. Dhaani says Raja’s intentions are not right. Kanak says if your intentions are good? She says Raja belongs to a rich and reputed family. She says you have separated mum and son. She asks do you know about your dad and where is he? She says you should be out of the house, and asks her to leave the house, send her son back home and asks her not to return with Viplav. Dhaani is hurt. She goes out of the house.

Viplav comes to Ashram with his baggage. Dulaari and Badi Amma ask him about Shalu and his stuff. Dhaani comes and knocks on the door. Viplav tells them that Dhaani must have come and asks them not to inform her about his arrival there. Raj Lakshmi opens the door. Dhaani asks if Viplav is here? Raj Lakshmi says no. Dhaani leaves. Viplav comes out. Dulaari asks what is happening? Dhaani is searching for you. Dhaani comes and says I know you will be here. Kanak comes to Raja’s mum room. Raja’s mum says she will handover the jewellery to Shalu. She says she wants to keep puja at home and handover the ancient jewellery to Shalu. Kanak says puja is fine, but these bangles are fake. She says I can identify real and fake jewellery. Raja’s mum are shocked and says I kept real jewellery in locker because of the thefts, and says that’s why she got fake jewellery made.

Kanak says no problem. Mami says you know well about the jewellery, but your son got copper. Raja’s mum says Dhaani is shameless girl and says if she has any self esteem then she will leave the house. Kanak says she will not leave so easily, and says I couldn’t kick her out because of my son. She gets Dulaari’s call. Dulaari informs her that Dhaani and Viplav are in the Ashram. Kanak says your widow daughter got married to my son and have separated my son from us. She says didn’t she tell you that Shalu got married to Raja and that’s why Viplav left house. Dulaari is shocked and drops the phone shockingly. She informs Badi amma about the same. Dhaani talks to Viplav and asks him to look at her, says you are leaving your family because of that Raja. Viplav says I am not angry, but can’t bear whatever is happening under that roof. Dhaani looks on.

Raja tells Dhaani that he will take care of her. Dhaani asks him to stay far from her. He stops her and says nobody is at home, as he sent everyone to temple. Dhaani asks him to stay far from her and runs. She sees Viplav home and hugs him happily. Viplav stares Raja angrily.

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