Ishq Ka Rang Safed 30th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raja’s mum counting the money and asks Mami not to keep eye on it. Just they hear someone coming and Mami comes the door. She says Shalu, you are here…….They ask if her family knew that she came here. Shalu says Viplav is busy with his wife and don’t have time for her. She cries and hugs Raja, saying she can’t live in that house. Dhaani tells Viplav that I was thinking what did I do, so that I got a husband like you. Viplav says I was thinking the same thing, and drinks tea. He asks Dhaani to take a sip. She takes a sip. Raja comes to meet Kanak. Kanak asks what is the matter? Why did you call me here. Raja says Shalini came to meet me. He says I called you here as if I dropped her home, then people might mistaken us. Kanak blesses him for thinking about their respect and says Viplav don’t care about them at all. He informs her that he is going back from Banaras tomorrow. Kanak asks why? Raja says my dad is alone there and I have to take care of my business. Shalu gets tensed. Kanak asks him to wait for 2 more days. Raja asks why? She convinces him. Raja agrees. Kanak takes Shalu and they leave. Raja thinks he can wait for even 2 years and calls her to be mum in law.

Dasharath asks where is everyone? Sushma comes there. Dasharath tells her that he is very hungry. Servant informs them that Kanak went outside. Sushma says I will cook food for you. Dasharath says no need. Dhaani asks Sushma, can I make food? Sushma says yes sure. Dasharath gets angry and says Sushma ji…just then he sees Viplav standing and asks Dhaani to cook food. Dhaani goes to kitchen thinking about Kanak’s threat that she will break her feet. Viplav also comes to kitchen and tells Dhaani that Dadi gave you permission to cook food. He lifts her in his arms and brings her inside the kitchen. Dhaani asjs what are you doing? Keep me down. He tells her that he knows her cooking taste, and asks her to make delicious food so that others get mad after eating it (means get happy eating food made by her). Dhaani says okay and starts making food. Viplav helps her in the arrangements while the song Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……………………

Dasharath and Sushma sit for lunch/dinner. Sushma asks Dhaani to eat and says you made our favourite food. Dhaani says I will eat later. Sushma gets up and refuses to eat food. Dasharath also stands up. Dhaani says okay, I will sit and sits down to have food with them. Viplav throws his spoon and bends down to pick it up. Dhaani also bends to take it, but Viplav holds her hand, and says I will pick spoon later. Sushma asks Dhaani what happened to her right hand. Kanak and Shalu comes home. Sushma asks them to have food. Kanak goes angrily to her room and tells Shalu that Dhaani is getting strength from Viplav. She says as I went out, Dhaani got a chance to enter kitchen. She says Dasharath changes colors fastly. Shalu asks her to let Viplav go, if he insists to go again, and says atleast they will not see Dhaani’s face. Kanak beats Shalu and says you have gone mad in Raja’s love. She says I won’t let my son go anywhere.

Dulaari and Badi Amma come to meet Dhaani. Sushma greets them and asks to come inside. Dhaani asks them to come. Sushma says they have come to take you to Ashram. Dhaani says can I come tomorrow? Sushma says actually Viplav is taking Dhaani out for dinner. Dhaani goes to kitchen. Dulaari asks about Dasharath. Sushma says he is very happy with Dhaani. Dulaari asks about Kanak. Sushma doesn’t answer. Kanak scolds the servant for letting Dhaani enter kitchen and calls her beggar widow. Servant asks are you talking about choti malkin. Kanak scolds him for calling her choti malkin and threatens him. Dhaani comes there and says her maa and badi amma came here. Kanak says first I will do aarti as you entered kitchen yesterday. She asks her to go. Dhaani says only I know how to make their tea. She leaves. Kanak asks Servant to serve left over tea in servants’ glasses. Servant hesitantly agrees. Kanak comes out and greets them. She recalls Dulaari insulting her in the Ashram. She asks them to drink tea. Dhaani touches the tea glasses and thinks it is cold. However she serves them.

Viplav and Dhaani goes out to have dinner. Kanak and Shalu looks on angry. Viplav tells Dhaani that they have come together for the first time after marriage. They reach home. Viplav informs everyone that he has seen a guy for Shalu and his name is Shekhar. Later Shekhar comes to see Shalu. Shalu comes and looks uninterested..

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