Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th January 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Viplav saying that Tripurari has done murder and says he has a concrete proof which will prove that he is the murderer. Dhaani gives him CD. Viplav plays it in court. He is shocked to hear the song playing…..Dhaani asks how did the CD get changed? Tripurari and Kanak smiles. Dhaani nods no to Viplav. Viplav is shocked. Defence lawyer says if prosecution is entertaining the court. Viplav says he is sure that tripurari has compromised with the proof. Judge says you are wasting my time. Viplav says I know that this man is guilty. Tripurari says whenever something happens in his house, he used to blame me. He says I am family member of their house, and Mahant Dasharath Tripathi ji is my dad. Dasharath coughs. Everyone look at him surprisingly and shockingly. Durga recalls her promise made to Dasharath and their conversation. Tripurari says why I will do this?

Viplav says he is lying? Tripurari says I have surrendered to the police? I wouldn’t have surrendered if I was guilty. Defence asks the judge to dismiss the case. Viplav looks on helplessly. Judge says court believes in proofs. Viplav says I have a concrete proof. He says Bijli is the eye witness who have heard tripurari accepted all his crimes infront of her. Defence says why she didn’t come till now. Viplav asks Judge to give 2 mins. Bijli doesn’t come. Defence says prosecution is wasting time and asks to dismiss the case. Judge asks Viplav if you want to say something. Viplav says a man have died and he haven’t get justice. He asks for some time. Judge says next hearing will be tomorrow. Viplav thanks him. Tripurari and kanak get shocked.

Kanak asks Dhaani, you will become our bahu. You couldn’t take care of CD. Dhaani says I kept it safely. Dasharath asks Viplav to come home. Viplav says I will just be back. Tripurari is taken in the jeep. He smirks and smiles happily. Viplav is angry. Dhaani runs after him and says she doesn’t know how the CD changed. Viplav says I am calling Bijli. She is not picking the call and it means she is in danger. Dhaani says I will come with you. Tripurari is kept behind bars. He thinks I will see if you will can get me punished.

Kanak comes to Dasharath and says she is scared of Viplav’s life. She says Tripurari can do anything and says if anything happens to him then she will die. She blames Dhaani for not taking care of the CD. Dasharath asks why she stress on Dhaani and Viplav’s marriage everytime. He asks her to go. He thinks why Tripurari is trying to threaten me. He thinks kanak is showing as if she is sad about Shambu’s death. He opines that everything is done by Kanak. Viplav and Dhaani come to the house, and see the furniture on floor. He says Tripurari followed us that day and wonders if he killed Bijli. He comes to Police station. Tripurari says no one will believe you. Viplav says I don’t have solid proof now, but if you think that you will be freed then it will not happen. I will punish you so that you won’t be able to anything wrong after that. He asks Inspector to question Tripurari. Inspector asks what you have done with her. Tripurari says why I will kill her and asks what is my enmity with her.

Bijli comes there and says he is saying right. I am alive. Viplav and Dhaani are relieved. Dhaani asks why you didn’t come to court. Bijli says I was hurt and couldn’t reach on time. By the time I came there, case was adjourned. Viplav asks inspector to take Bijli’s statement. He asks Bijli to say the truth. Bijli looks scared. Bijli says Viplav and Dhaani are making me witness forcibly against Tripurari. She says I have nothing to do with him. She says Tripurari haven’t confessed anything infront of me. Viplav requests her to accept the truth. Tripurari smiles victoriously. Viplav asks if he has threatened you? He promises to protect her and asks her to say the truth. Bijli says I am not saying lie. Dhaani asks her to say truth.

Tripurari asks Inspector to stop them. He says Viplav can hang him if given a chance. Viplav says this might be your conspiracy. He tells Bijli that Tripurari will not get punishment and asks her to say truth. Bijli says she will give the same statement in the court and goes. Viplav is broken and looks on. Dhaani asks him to come. She asks him to listen to her. Viplav says I will make Bijli understand. Dhaani says she has changed and asks him to come home. She asks him to have faith on God. Viplav says your God is not coming and doing right. He says he is feeling helpless. Dhaani says I am also in pain. Viplav says you would have kept CD safe and cries. He says song was playing in that CD. I didn’t say anything in court. I can’t blame Maa also. Dhaani apologizes and says I don’t know how did this happen? Tripurari says what is the use of apologizing. I would have kept CD with myself. Dhaani looks on.

Tripurari tells Dhaani that she has done mistake by choosing Viplav and says if you would have married me then I would have kept you as banaras rani. Dhaani slaps him. Viplav and Dhaani cry at their respective homes.

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