Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sushma showing bridal dress to Dhaani. Raj Lakshmi likes it and says it is very beautiful. She covers Dhaani’s head with the dupatta and says Lehenga is good. Dhaani thanks her and asks who gave this lehenga. Dadi hesitantly says that it is from her side and asks her to keep it safely. She tells Dhaani that her thinking about Viplav is wrong and says I know Viplav very well as he is my grand son. He can’t hurt anyone, or misbehave with you or can’t do anything against you all. She says her to spit her anger. Raj Lakshmi likes the dress and tells Dadi has chosen right color for you. Dhaani looks at the bridal dress and smiles.

Raj tells Viplav that he don’t understand one thing and says you have done so much for Dhaani, but she calls you Rakshas. Viplav says let it be, I don’t care as I acknowledge her as friend. Raj says I feel you likes her more as a friend. Viplav asks him to stop talking and do the work.

Tripurari calls a person who is Dancer Bijli’s servant. He tells that Bijli is taking care of a girl who is wounded in her stomach. Tripurari asks him to send that girl’s pic. Servant sends the photo. Tripurari is shocked to see Suwarna’s pic and thinks Bijli has done wrong with him by hiding the truth. Tripurari says she is still alive and asks the man to keep an eye on both of them. He says ok. Tripurari says you are gone Bijli……..

Viplav is resting in the lawn when he hears someone’s footsteps. He sees Dhaani wearing bridal dress which he brought for her. Dhaani smiles and comes near him surprising him. Viplav gets up and asks what you are doing here? Dhaani says I came to meet you…..Viplav is kind of shock and talks to himself that this is happening with him for second time. Dhaani asks how am I looking and pats on his shoulder. Viplav asks her to pats again on his shoulder, and then realizes that it is his imagination. He thinks he has forgotten to give something to Dadi.

Suwarna is going with Bijli. The servant goon holds Suwarna’s hand and tries to stop her. Bijli shouts and gathers people telling that this man is misbehaving with this girl. The crowd gets angry and beats the man. Bijli asks Suwarna to leave before Tripurari or his men kill her.

Later in night, Viplav enters Dhaani’s room and sees her sleeping. Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Me Aana music plays……………………Viplav sees her shivering with cold and covers her with blanket. He stares her with concern and love in his eyes. Dhaani turns in sleep. Viplav moves backand goes out of room. He runs and climbs down the balcony. Dhaani wakes up hearing the noise and looks on. Viplav hides and then goes, but his phone falls on the ground. Tripurari picks it up and smirks.

Suwarna writhles in pain. Bijli tells her that they have to run before Tripurari comes to them and says they shall go back to Banaras, as she thinks Tripurari couldn’t search her in banaras and might be searching them like a mad dog. Suwarna thanks her. Bijli says she is Bijli and will burn the person who tries to touch her.

Dhaani looks for Raj Lakshmi and asks Sushma. Sushma says she have n’t seen her. Viplav asks servant to inform in the sweet shop that they need sweet order today. Raj Lakshmi comes wearing new saree and thinks it is good time to woo my Sallu…..She falls and Viplav holds her. Dhaani looks at them and scolds Viplav and Raj Lakshmi. She asks Raj Lakshmi to come with her. She asks why did you talk to him and asks her to stay away from Viplav. She says Viplav can use you and ruin all of us. Raj Lakshmi asks what is her problem and says Viplav has already saved you and you have misunderstood him. She says you are getting married soon, and Suwarna eloped with her boyfriend. She says she might marry Viplav in future and asks why she is jealous seeing her with Viplav. She asks her to stop worrying about her and says she can take care of herself well.

Dhaani tells Viplav not to try to get close to her and throws the bridal dress which he brought for her. Tripurari smiles happily. Viplav curses the moment when he met her and says if he could then he would change the moment and walks off. Dhaani looks on.


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