Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd August 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Viplav saying lets begin. Dhaani and Viplav start doing the skit. Dhaani comes wearing white saree, while Viplav comes dressed in casual shirt like before. They romance and dance recreating their first meeting and the moments after that. Oh Khuda Batade song plays……………….Kamini gets tensed and sees witch separating them. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays while Dhaani, Viplav and Vidha comes on stage altogether….Kamini gets up and asks what nonsense? She asks what do you want to show me? What does it mean? Viplav says what I will show you, infact you have done all. He says today I called my family here to make you understand that Tripathi family came to know everything about you. He says you are the same woman who have separated Dhaani from me… are the same
woman who had separated my love from me…..Kamini looks on shocked.

Viplav asks what did you get by snatching me from Dhaani. He says when you couldn’t get successful, you have started conspiracies. He says you have my advantage and also advantages of Dhaani’s goodness. Kamini says this is a lie, I haven’t done anything wrong. She asks Dasharath if he instigated Viplav against her. Viplav plays the recording in which Tripurari accepts all their crimes and tells that Kamini is involved in Ashram bomb blast and also attempted to kill Dhaani before, but the latter was saved. Kamini gets angry. She calls Tripurari and asks where is he? Viplav says he is punished and it is your turn. Kamini says you can’t do this with me, and says when this Dhaani left you, that time I have supported you. I haven’t betrayed you, but Dhaani. Viplav says may be it was your innocence to hide the letter, keeping me away from knowing the truth of Dhaani’s pregnancy. He says didn’t your hand shake when you burnt Ashram women alive in bomb blast…Kamini looks on.

Viplav asks her to see what she got, and says you are all alone today. Kamini shouts and says I am not alone…you are with me, only with me. Dhaani is not with me. She accepts to her crimes and says I have done everything but to get you, wanted to stay with you. She says Dhaani was a thorn between us, and that’s why my soul was not shaken when I planned bomb blast. She asks him to understand and says whatever I have done is to get you. She accepts to have attacked Parshiya, so that his murder blame came on Viplav. She says I wanted to save you and become great in your eyes. She says I deserve you, and not Dhaani. She asks why did you love her so much. Viplav says she is not selfish and can’t take anyone’s life. He praises Dhaani and says I will love her always.

Kamini says sadly you couldn’t hear my heart sound. She laughs and says yes, I am selfish, this is my love for you. She says I can go to any length to get you, then also you couldn’t understand my love. She says I kept you in drugged state so that you couldn’t go to Dhaani, and stay with me. She says I have sent letter to Dhaani and Dasharath so that Dhaani and Parshiya get married. She says I put lizard in the water so that Vidha dies, and this Dhaani dies because of losing her. Viplav holds her neck angrily. Dhaani stops him and tries to calm him down. Kamini asks him to beat her, or reject her and says my love for you will never end as I love you so much. She says I have kidnapped my own son because of you, as nobody is important to me than you. She says I want to stay with you. She says I have done so much for you, but Dhaani is important and special for you. Can’t you forgive me Viplav, I want to stay with you. Viplav slaps her. Kamini gets up and says no matter I will not let you go away from you. Dadi Bua tells Viplav that there is still one more truth which you don’t know. Kamini says oh old woman, did you forget what I did with you. Dadi Bua says I am not afraid of you anymore. She tells Viplav that Atharva’s truth is something else, he is not your son. She says Kamini and you were about to separate.

Viplav is shocked. Dadi Bua says Atharva is not your son….She says when you and Kamini were about to separate, she was carrying someone else baby and she made you believe that she is pregnant with your child. She knows that you can leave her, but not your baby. Viplav is shocked. Dadi Bua says she knows that you will not run away from your responsibilities. Kamini accuses Dhaani for all the troubles and blames her for separating her with him. She holds Dhaani’s neck and says I will kill you right here. Viplav slaps Kamini and saves Dhaani. Dhaani asks Viplav to take care. Viplav asks somebody please call the police, else I will kill her. Just then electricity goes, Viplav asks somebody please switch on the light.

Somebody takes Kamini from there. When light comes, Viplav and Dhaani see her missing. Dhaani says where she could go. Police comes there. Dasharath tells him that Kamini went missing and says don’t know who have switched off the lights. Viplav comes back and says somebody have closed the lights. Everyone is shocked. Inspector says there is nobody in the hotel. Viplav says how can she go from our sight and says somebody is helping her, but Tripurari is in jail, who the hell is helping her. He tells Inspector that he has recorded her confession and asks him to study the case, and says I will bring that proof. He thinks who is helping her. Dhaani says even I am thinking same, how can she go missing.

Man who has helped Kamini says you are still same stubborn, strub struggling men. Kamini tries to free his hands. He says I have saved you today. You might be thinking from where did I come, and why? He says we will talk after reaching there, asks her to keep quiet, says you have to leave from here soon else you will be caught. Viplav talks to Inspector. He tells Dhaani that Tripurari is in jail and can’t help Kamini. Dhaani says then who is helping her. Viplav says even I wonder who is this new man.

Dadi Bua asks did you come to know anything. Viplav asks Dadi Bua if that guy who used to like Kamini might have helped her to elope. Dadi Bua says he was a nice man, and I have filled Kamini’s ears to marry you. Dhaani asks about his name. Dadi Bua says his name was Chandan..

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