Ishq Ka Rang Safed 21st November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the dancer seeing Suwarna not on the bed. She wonders where did she go? Dhaani asks Raj Lakshmi, did Suwarna tell you anything about the person. Raj Lakshmi says no, and thinks Suwarna used to meet Tripurari. She thinks to talk to Tripurari. Sushma tells Dasharath that she is worried about Viplav, and says he is being bad since he heard the news about Dhaani and Tripurari’s marriage. Dasharath throws the water and scolds her for saying nonsense. She says Viplav didn’t tell me anything, but I saw his face. Dasharath says you don’t understand and says Viplav is young age man and why would he will be affected by a poor widow’s marriage. Tripurari threatens the dancer and asks where did Suwarna elope? The dancer tells that she didn’t know and by the time she reached the hospital, Suwarna was not there.

Viplav is driving the jeep and still thinks about Dhaani and Tripurari’s marriage. He thinks why am I worrying about her as she thinks me as a Rakshas. He thinks of Durga’s words and thinks his heart is not accepting. Dhaani thinks about sleeping Viplav with cockroach. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays…………Ishq Ishq Rang Rang……Viplav sleeps in his jeep.

Viplav wakes up and finds himself on the street infront of Ashram. He hears men speaking about Suwarna, and says she has eloped with someone. Viplav gets angry hearing against Suwarna and disrespecting her. He asks why they are disrespecting woman, and asks him to learn some respect for women. The man asks why you are getting list and says you might be also in the waiting list as us. Viplav gets angry and warns to beat the man. Other man says Suwarna would have gone with a good man, and not like you, who had used Dhaani and left her. Viplav asks him to say again. The man says we all know what you have done with Dhaani by staying in the Ashram. Servant comes and informs Dasharath that Viplav is fighting with few men. Viplav beats the men. Badi Amma comes and tries to stop Viplav. Viplav says they have said very cheap thing.

Dhaani comes and holds the rod. Viplav asks her to leave the rod and tells that they have said bad things. Dhaani says they have said, but you have done it. Dasharath comes and asks what happened? He asks his servant to take the injured persons to hospital. Dulaari asks Dasharath to make Viplav understand and says he don’t understand anything. She requests him to ask him to stay away from their life. Viplav says they were saying bad things about Dhaani and me, and that’s why I have beaten them. He says you would have also done the same thing. I am worried for you all. Dasharath asks him to sit in car. Viplav goes. Dasharath requests them to come to their house tomorrow and says he will decide then.

Kanak blames Dhaani and says everything is happening because of her. She blames Sushma for having soft corner for Dhaani. Dasharath and Viplav come back home. Kanak asks why you have beaten those guys and why did you go to Ashram. Dasharath asks her to let him rest now and says he will take an important decision about Viplav and Dhaani in the morning. Kanak asks what? Dasharath says you will know in the morning.

Tripurari thinks where did Suwarna go? And thinks she couldn’t be find anywhere. He calls his goon and asks him to search Suwarna. Dasharath asks whom he is searching? Tripurari is shocked. All the widows come there. Dasharath greets her and asks Tripurari to bring Durga there. He calls Viplav, Sushma, Shambu and others. He tells Dulaari that you get worried whenever Viplav come to Ashram, and says until Dhaani and Tripurari gets married, she will stay here.

Dulaari shares her worries. Dasharath announces that Viplav will not stay until Dhaani is here. Raj Lakshmi tells Viplav that Dhaani has agreed for marriage.

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