Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Viplav waiting outside Ashram. Dulaari comes back and asks him where is Dhaani? Viplav says I didn’t know. Badi Amma says today I will ask him. She says what do you think that I will get betrayed again by you. She says I have understood your reality now, and it took time to know you. Everyone was against you, but I thought that you can’t be wrong. She says I thought someone is conspiring against us, but I was wrong. She asks him not to look at their Ashram or Dhaani. Viplav is shocked and tries to clear the matter. He asks where is Dhaani? How do you know that she will return to Ashram. Dhaani is unconscious. Tripurari thinks if I marry you, then my life will be set. He opens the rope. Dhaani gains consciousness and sees her. He says you was unconscious and asks if she is hurt? Dhaani asks about the place and asks what is he doing there?

Tripurari tells her that it is viplav’s farm house and says he comes with a girl here. Dhaani recalls Viplav saying that he can do anything to convince her. She breaks something in anger. suwarna recalls someone trying to kill her, and gets tensed. She thinks to give good life to her baby. Viplav tells Dadi that someone is framing him wrongly and says Dhaani is kidnapped and he is blamed for her kidnapping. He gets angry. Dasharath tells Viplav that he came to know that Dhaani reached Ashram. Viplav says he will have fun when he comes to know about the person who is conspiring against him. Dasharath gets tensed. Dulaari is still tensed as Dhaani haven’t reached Ashram yet. Raj Lakshmi asks Suwarna, if Dhaani went with her. Suwarna lies to her. Tripurari brings Dhaani to Ashram.

Dhaani hugs Dulaari and cries. She drinks water. Dulaari asks where did you go? Dhaani says that Rakshas was so cheap, and told me that he can do anything to convince me. She says Tripurari came there and saved me. Dulaari thanks him for saving her daughter’s life. Tripurari acts and says he can’t see anyone in trouble. He says Viplav will be punished by God. Dulaari says you have saved my daughter from that devil. She thanks him and blesses him. Tripurari says I don’t need anything else than your blessings. Dhaani thanks Tripurari for saving her life. Badi Amma blames herself and apologizes to her. Dhaani asks her not to apologize to her and says no one can harm her.

Raj Lakshmi comes to the shop. Viplav meets her and asks her to come to side. He says he has not kidnapped Dhaani and asks her to give mobile to Dhaani, so that he can talk to her. Raj Lakshmi refuses. Viplav says I don’t have any other way out. She agrees to help him. Tripurari and Dasharath are drinking. Tripurari praises Dasharath’s planning and talks badly about widow. Dasharath says you are marrying a widow and asks him not to tell anything against widows. Tripurari says he can give his life to him. Dasharath asks him to find a way of living. Dulaari asks Dhaani to forget and sleep. Raj Lakshmi comes to her room and secretly keeps phone near her. Viplav calls on the number. Dhaani sees mobile near her and wonders whose phone is this. She picks the call. Viplav asks her to talk to him once and not disconnect the call. He says I can’t do this bad thing even in my dream.

Dhaani says you can stoop to any level. Viplav asks have you gone mad? He says what I will get by kidnapping you. Dhaani puts phone in water angrily. Next morning Sita Maayi gets phone in water. She wonders whose phone it is. Someone knocks on the door. Dhaani opens the door and finds Dasharath. Badi Amma asks about the purpose of visit. Dasharath says he brought gift for them. He says he is very apologetic, and says if Viplav did bad for you than Tripurari did good with you also. He says Tripurari have saved her life. dhaani says Viplav needs medical treatment and says he sent phone to talk to me. Dasharath says I will scold him. He says if Dhaani was married then no guy would have eye her. He thanks them and says I will leave now. Dulaari stops him and says I am accepting the proposal which you brought for my daughter.

Dasharath tells Viplav that Dulaari agreed for Tripurari and Dhaani’s wedding. Viplav is shocked. Later Dulaari brings Shagun for Dhaani and Tripurari’s marriage and gives it to Durga. Tripurari attempts to kill Suwarna again. Suwarna is shocked to see his real face.

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