Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raja’s Mami praising Shalu and says she looks good in whatever she wears. Shalu smiles and gets flattered. Raja sees Viplav coming and acts to fall breaking the phone. He acts as if it was accidental. Viplav asks him not to worry about phone and get ready for his marriage. Raja goes. Viplav thinks how I will show the wedding to Dhaani now? He thinks Dhaani should reach here. Dhaani says hello Viplav…..and sees the call disconnected. She thinks to stop the wedding somehow. Kanak talks to Raja’s mum and asks about her husband. His mum lies and says he is busy because of some deal and taking care of business. Dhaani tries to come out of Ashram and finds the door locked. She knocks on the door asking someone to open the door.

Raja’s mum and mami comes to Raja. His mum says groom takes a lot of time than the bride. Viplav says everyone get sweating with the thought of marriage. Viplav goes. Raja tells his mum and mami that Suman saw his face on Viplav’s phone. He says we have to do something else our secret will come out. Raja’s mum asks him to let her think. Dhaani thinks about Raja’s pyscho behavior and thinks she should go somehow and stop the wedding. She tries to call Viplav and finds the landline dead. Raja’s mum asks Mami to go to Police station and get Suman arrested from Ashram. She asks Raja not to worry and get married to Shalu fast. She says she will handle everyone here. Dhaani tries to climb the wall with the help of table. Raja’s mum brings him and makes him sit beside Raja. Mami comes to the police station and tells Inspector that they have found murderer of her nephew. She tells Dhaani is actually Suman. Viplav asks Shalu to get up and change her dress. Shalu gets up and goes. Viplav tells Raja that Shalu will be back. Kanak brings Shalu again. She asks Panditji to start the marriage .

Pandit ji asks Raja and Shalu to exchange the garlands. They exchange garlands. Everyone claps. Pandit ji asks them to give dholna. Raja’s mum searches in her purse, and thinks Mami might have stolen it from her purse. Mami comes back and tells her that the work is done. Raja’s mum asks Pandit ji to continue reciting the mantras. Kanak says what is the hurry and asks her to go and bring dholna. Raja’s mum and mami go to the room. Mami acts as searching. Raja’s mum says marriage will not happen if we don’t get dhona today. Mami acts as she has found it, and informs her. Dhaani manages to come out of Ashram and takes an auto to reach Viplav’s home. She calls at landline number and asks Servant to give call to Viplav. Mami hears him, and asks him to make tea for her as she is having head pain. Dhaani wonders why Viplav is not calling her.

Pandit ji asks Kanak to do ghatbandhan. Dasharath asks Kanak to go back and reminds her of her widow status. He asks Sushma to do the rituals. Sushma does the ghatbandhan. Dhaani is still on the way. Pandit ji recites the mantras again and asks the bride and groom to stand for pheras. Dhaani asks driver to drive fast. Raja and Shalu stand up and begin taking pheras. Everyone is happy and shower flower petal on them.

Pandit ji says 4 pheras is completed, and marriage will complete after 3 more pheras. He asks Shalu to come forward. Dhaani gets down the auto and is about to go. Driver asks her to give money. Dhaani says she will give later and now she has to go as it is a matter of someone life and death. Driver insists her to give money. Dhaani takes out her chain and handover to him. She rushes inside the wedding venue and says stop it, this marriage can’t happen. Viplav asks what you are saying? Dhaani says one min Vakil Babu and goes to Raja. She opens their ghatbandhan. Shalu looks at Kanak shockingly. Viplav is shocked too.

Dhaani tells everyone that Raja is a cheap man and don’t deserve to marry Shalu. She adds that his family is more cheap than him. Viplav asks Raja’s family to say everything clearly. Raja’s mum tells him that Dhaani have killed her son. Raja says she is Suman and have killed my brother. Viplav asks Dhaani to say. Dhaani accepts that she is Suman….Viplav looks on shocked.

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