Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Viplav dancing with the ladies on the song of London Thumakda……………….Sushma signs Viplav when Dasharath comes there, but to their surprise Dasharath starts dancing with Sushma. Viplav dances with Shalu and Raja. Just then sketch artiste comes there holding Dhaani’s sketch and proceeds towards Viplav, but just then Kanak collides with him holding the mehendi in her hand, and the sketch gets ruined as the mehendi falls on it. Everyone looks at the spoiled sketch. Viplav says so it was a sketch.

Raj Lakshmi tells Badi Amma that they shall dance on the happiest occasion. Dhaani shyly smiles and sits wearing red color saree. Raj Lakshmi sings Banno Rani song………….Everyone smiles. Raj Lakshmi falls on Dhaani and her saree gets torn. Dulaari says it is inauspicious thing to have happened. Badi Amma says things have changed and asks her not to have old mindset. Kanak shows Shalu’s wedding dress to her mum in law and is happy. Sushma calls servant. Viplav says I am here. Sushma asks him to tear his kurta as a part of rasam. Raja’s mum tells Raja that they will get their money, respect and everything with his marriage. Viplav tells Raja that he will do his clothes tearing ritual. Raja answers Viplav that he don’t want to do this ritual. Viplav looks on.

Viplav asks why you don’t want to do this ritual. Raja’s mum tries to convince him. Sushma says it is a ritual. Viplav says I will get a better kurta for you than this and tears his kurta. Raja thinks no problem, one day you will tear your love into two pieces, did you get only Suman to fell in love with? Dhaani says she wants to go to market. Dulaari refuses to let her go out because of yesterday’s incident. Dhaani says no abshagun/inauspicious thing will happen with her now. Mami tries to steal something, while Raja’s mum stops her. Viplav asks Shalu if she will not have delicious food? Shalu makes faces. Viplav says he is recording her in the camera. Someone asks Viplav about the groom’s family. Viplav says they are from Kanpur. Raja’s mum signs Mami. Mami takes woman to a side and tells her that they know that her husband was accused of scam. She threatens her politely and asks her to leave. Woman leaves. Mami tells Raja’s mum that they would have been exposed today.

Viplav talks to Dhaani and says she have mixed the haldi to be applied on her face. She applies on her face while being on video call. Mere Ishq Ka Rang………………Viplav smiles looking at her. Dhaani feels shy and blushes. Viplav kisses on the phone and says she is looking more beautiful after applying haldi. Dulaari calls Dhaani. Dhaani disconnects the call and wipes her face. Dulaari tells her that they are going out and asks her not to open door. She asks her to make kada for her. Badi Amma says why we are leaving Dhaani in the Ashram when everyone is going? Dulaari says she have to make food and we will come soon.

Viplav talks to Sushma and Dasharath and says all the arrangements have been done. Dasharath asks him to see if the groom is ready? Viplav comes to Raja’s room and tells Dhaani that he will show her groom’s face. He calls Raja and keeps the phone down, and goes. Raja comes to his room, picks the phone and looks at Dhaani through the video call. Dhaani is taken aback and shocked. She recalls Kanak telling that Shalu got a good alliance from a rich family. She recalls her fear that Shalu’s to be husband is the same Raja.

Dhaani comes to the marriage function of Shalu and Raja when the marriage is about to happen and declares that this marriage can’t happen. Viplav asks what are you saying Dhaani? Dhaani says 1 min Vakil Babu and goes towards Raja..

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