Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 9th September 2016 Written Episode

Anokhi with Basuri,Dadu holds her hand n stops her n says I knew it u are the one who stole it,n shouts Anokhi is the thief I caught her red handed,n calls everyone,everyone gathers,mataji says why are u shouting,Dadu says see look she is the thief,Anokhi in tears says I didn’t I,nikita is confused,dadi says she found it she didn’t stole it,Kunal says yes bhabhi will never steal anything,mataji says quite dharam where did u see her,Dadu says I saw while I was in kitchen, she must have hidden it in house somewhere,Jassi says right so that no one will doubt on her,Anokhi says no Jassi,mataji says quite Anokhi answer me, where u going to ur room with Basuri,Anokhi looks at Tushar,mataji says yes or no,Anokhi says yes I was,mataji says when u found the Basuri why u didn’t
u come to me,Anokhi says I was,mataji takes Basuri from her hand.

Mataji says for first time I made a mistake, I trusted a wrong person, I never thought u would do it,u hurt me,Anokhi says mataji u really think I stole it,Tushar sir even u doubt on me,Tushar doesn’t look at her,Anokhi starts crying n runs away n locks her self in room n starts crying. Dadu says I told u she is thief, mataji says enough everyone go back to ur rooms n Tushar come with me. Mataji says Tushar, I knew Basuri was fake, I catch lies quite quick, Anokhi is thief or irresponsible that will see later but she is beautiful good choice, Tushar says I thought u a upset with her,mataji says I’m but look u two look so good together n u said u are happy with her, gaumti loves her a lot too, n now what’s wrong with u,why are u blushing,u love her so much, what’s wrong in it,I never have seen u so weird,Tushar says I wish I never loved her.

Mataji says Tushar Anokhi told me that u were upset n so that ring with thread n all,what mistake she did,did u forgive her,what’s the truth, I will keep asking till u tell me,see in videos u two are so happy but now when ur engagement ring what are u hiding,I don’t think it’s Basuri matter,it’s definitely something else,look at me n don’t u lie to me,I have seen ur anger, tell me what’s eaten no u in their,Tushar says I can never forgive Anokhi,she cheated me, fooled me,I love her a lot but she doesn’t love me, she lied me at every single step,she made fun of my feelings, n will continue doing it for next 6 months,Tushar gets emotional,mataji says what are u saying calm down,Tushar says I’m not lying , I heard her recording where she signed a contract for marriage, I knew it’s Dadu behind all this, why are my people against me,they never wanted me to be Anokhi n today Anokhi even turned to thief n my life is now, why did she do this to me n hugs mataji n says why me.

Mataji says Tushar u are seeing just the one side of the matter n I can see the other side,see look it takes years to make a relationship but can be broken in a sec, u can throw Anokhi out of this house right away n tell dharam that he did wrong, n this will give pain to u just u,even I can do it,Tushar says no wait,mataji says why u don’t want to forgive her, u want to spend rest ur life crying,this marriage is contract for Anokhi but somewhere I know there is hidden truth behind it,go find it,I know Anokhi cares a lot for u,Tushar says no shd didn’t,mataji says then why did she save u n not herself during the blast,life is tough u need to be patient,what u think why do marriages stay for long, the reason is patience n understanding,keep calm n think on it n resolve this situation,agreed Anokhi married u for money but u have 6 months n u have to decide what to do with it,u want to cry n let her go or want to stay with her n live a happily married life, tell me what is ur decision.

Tushar says I won’t give up, Anokhi will love n respect me by end of 6 months,mataji says that’s my boy,never let anyone take advantage of u,Anokhi knows everyone here takes u for granted n that is bcoz u allow them n so before anyone changes u will have to change,it’s ur life,now it’s time to turn nashpatti to her patti,n sees Kunal n calls him in n says u need to do one work for me.

Pre cap : mataji says Anokhi it’s time for punishment n few men get loads of grain bags…

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