Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 8th September 2016 Written Episode

The Basuri blasts,all are shocked,Tushar rushes to Anokhi n says are u Anokhi,dadi says u scolding her she saved u Tushar,Anokhi says dadi bomb was in Basuri n hugs dadi,Anokhi says I saw light on idol n tick sound in Basuri n it was in luvs hand n so I ran,dadi says u saved my whole family,thanku Anokhi.anokhi looks at Tushar,dadi says so proud of u Anokhi,kidnapper says thank god all are safe n leaves. Kalpana sees them go n realises it’s them behind the bomb.

Dadi cleaning anokhis wound. Dadu asks inspector to find the person behind the bomb, parikshit says it’s sure business rivalry,inspector asks do u have doubt on anyone, Tushar says in anger if we knew we would not call u here,inspector says Tushar calm down,Tushar says on my wedding I was on gun point
n today the bomb, we just can’t trust anyone n looks at Anokhi, Anokhi is confused with tushars aggressive behaviour,Tushar says it can be anyone n so get a proper list n then come here,inspector says we will reach u soon with a lead n leaves.

Dadi says Tushar what’s wrong with u, this is not the way u react,Tushar leave sin anger,mataji says gaumti this is ur fault,u never thought Tushar to behave,bomb in our house who might be behind us n why. Jassi goes to mataji n says don’t worry,Lord Krishna is with us,he will bless us, here is Prasad n bless us, mataji says u need my blessings,anyways this is anokhis right this time n not urs, Anokhi come here n give everyone Prasad,Jassi gets very angry.

Tushar in his bedroom,Anokhi walks to him with Prasad n looks at him n says wow u scolded Tushar so well, but why must anyone be behind us, good is aw and are u ok, why are u so upset,bcoz I lost Basuri or I tickled u, plz tell nashpatti,Tushar holds her hand hard n says don’t call me nashpatti,it’s Tushar Malik, keep that in mind n leaves in anger. Anokhi says what’s wrong with him. Mataji sees Tushar leave in anger n thinks what is wrong with him.

Kalpana says to kidnapper,my son n daughter in law where in danger, why did u so it,kidnapper says no it wasn’t for them,why will I hurt them. Dadi says why is someone Behind us,dadu says why are u asking me,dadi says I’m not I’m just,Dadu says do u think it’s me behind all this,dadi says what’s the matter why are u behaving so weird,Dadu says that girl i hate her. Kidnapper says that bomb was for parikshit n nikita.

Anokhi says dadi look at this engagement video,Tushar sir looks so simple n nice,Anokhi sees Tushar standing n says I mean u don’t like show off, ur simplicity is what’s best in u,dadi says Tushar come here see ur wedding video,mataji says yes I couldn’t see wedding so atleast the video,Tushar pressing matajis leg, mataji thinking abt tushars anger,she sees the ring given to Tushar n asks what way is this,Anokhi says Tushar was upset with me n so I used this idea,mataji says I asked Tushar n not u, oh I saw this thread in ur cupboard today u still have it,Anokhi smiles at Tushar,Tushar says dadi bua, it’s late I shd,anokhis ays Tushar sir ur ring, u don’t have ring in ur finger,Tushar looks at Anokhi,dadi asks yes why did u remove the ring,Tushar says I’m very sleepy n leaves,mataji says yes it’s late u two go as well,dadi n Anokhi leave.

Mataji says something is wrong for sure,Anokhi thinking may be he upset bcoz of Basuri ,I have to find it, Anokhi remembers nikita taking pot n says so it’s with nikita for sure, I have to get it from her room now n slowly sneaks into her room,n sees someone coming n hides under the bed. Nikita says I have to keep this Basuri near me n sleep, she keeps it under her pillow n goes to sleep,Anokhi comes out,she sees Basuri n tries getting it, but doesn’t reach,so tries using luvs toy to get the Basuri,Basuri gets the Basuri n leaves.

Anokhi says well done now Tushar will forgive u.

Pre cap : Dadu says so Anokhi u robbed the Basuri I caught u red handed u thief.

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