Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 28th September 2016 Written Episode

Anokhi asks Jassi why shd I move away, Jassi shouts Anu n gets off her chair n rushes downstairs n saves Anokhi,mataji Parul n Tushar see this n get shocked,Parul gets very angry,Jassi says I told u to get up Anokhi but u, Jassi realises she is on her feet, Anokhi says God u are on ur feet,u are fine now, I can’t believe this,Pulkit sees Jassi n runs to her n says wow look my Jassi is on her feet, miracle,God heard my prayers,my Jassi can stand on her feet, look mataji, mataji says shutup Pulkit,n walks to Jassi n says I think Jassi was fine n this was all her drama,Anokhi go call everyone down here, Anokhi says ok,mataji leaves.

Dadu says u two fooled us all these years, mataji says when did u get well tell the truth, Pulkit says actually I told u it’s miracle
it happens at times as in movies,n so while saving Anokhi, Jassi got a shock n on her feet now,mataji says shutup I dint believe this,bcoz u would fall shiver but u were quite comfortable and so it’s better u speak up the truth or else if I get down to the matter u won’t like it so speak up why did u do this,Jassi in tears says yes it was a drama,nikita slaps Jassi.

Nikita says Jassi how dare u lie to me,u broke my trust even when I supported u all the time and treated u as my daughter but u,mataji says answer her,dadi says Jassi we all were always so worried for u, Dadu says u did this for money right,Jassi says I had no other option the money u give us it’s so difficult to manage in it,I asked Dadu to admit luv in good reputed school but u didn’t give extra money n we had to admit him in low graded school n so is it wrong to think abt ur child’s bright future,Anokhi says no,mataji n Dadu Jassi is wrong but her intentions weren’t wrong,Tushar says plz don’t speak in between.anokhi says why won’t I this is my family too,it’s just philosophy that money doesn’t matters but it does n Dadu u forced them to do this,Dadu says don’t talk nonsense,Anokhi says I agree u like saving but see bcoz of this ur own people are cheating on u n what option they have,Tushar says Anokhi stop blaming my family,anokhis ays this is my family too, tushar says family all that matters to u is money.

Mataji says Tushar stop it, stop hurting her n no one shall speak in between now,n dharam I always told u stop this control n now see n I don’t find these kids are wrong u are behind all this,Dadu says it’s all my fault,mataji says no that’s not what I’m saying and Jassi u have to be punished for fooling with our emotions,Jassi falls in mataji feet n says plz plz forgive us,Pulkit says yes we are very sorry,mataji says I am not throwing u out of this house just punishing u.

Mataji asks Tushar to do what she asks him to. Everyone in a room, mataji says Jassi u did not a single work till date n u had challenged Anokhi abt the one legged challenge, anokhi says it’s fine,dadi stops Anokhi,mataji says Anokhi quite n Jassi u have to repay for every single thing now n points to treadmill n say sthis is ur punishment, u have to run on this n as I know how lazy n cunning u are so u will run here on treadmill in front of me n enough of relaxing in name of handicap n now start n will stop only when I ask u to.

Jassi steps on treadmill, Pulkit says Jassi not red the green button Jassi gives him cold look n starts walking,mataji says not so slow increase the speed, and Pulkit go do it,Pulkit says ok n increases speed n says sorry Jassi. Mataji say snow u will never lie to us,n where is Kalpana n leaves.

Tushar in office,mataji walks to him n says drink this kadha I saw u are sneezing since morning n u know I think I shd gift this cloth in ashram,Anokhi rushes down n says Tushar sir,mataji says he is ur husband not sir,Anokhi says this is office n my old habit so,mataji says change it then,Anokhi says sir it’s very important in personal but,Parul walks n says this is office n not home,mataji says Parul get this fan repaired n u must be tired so relax a bit come with me, mataji n Parul leave,anokhi says sir,Tushar says if u are sorry I don’t want one u n ur money greed n excuses,Anokhi says ssssh n closes his mouth n says I saw Kalpana with the man who kidnapped me, Tushar sees anokhis hand n asks where is ur engagement ring,Anokhi says God where must I dropped it n starts searching for it, Tushar says oh I think u sold it for extra money,Anokhi says I was telling abt Kalpana,Tushar says ring is imp for me then Kalpana,Anokhi says I’m finding n yes I sold it my ring I will do anything, it would be gr8 if this fan would fall n I would have died then u may be happy n leaves.

Pre cap : Anokhi follows a shadow n calls out n sees its Kalpana

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