Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 27th July 2016 Written Episode

Kunal says u look ring, Vrinda says yes this ring is tushars, Anokhi looks at the ring n remembers telling Tushar that she loved this kind of rings, Jassi says why is everyone shocked to see this ring, Kunal says I was just, Vrinda says Anokhi cmon exchange the ring, dadi says Tushar this ring is same as the one u got but how did u have it Vrinda,Jassi says oh I saw this ring with Tushar n see it’s a little girly too.

Anokhi says ma is this the same ring, papa says this is not our ring Vrinda, Jassi says show me the ring, n says this is tushars ring,see it’s got A on it,n A for Anokhi,so this ring was ordered for Anokhi n Chachi this isn’t ur ring it’s tushars, right Kunal this is what u wanted to say,Pulkit says may be Tushar gave this ring to Chachi
may be bcoz they couldn’t spend on a ring, mom u know our Tushar he always thinks abt others,Arora says Malik ur new daughter In law look at all this happening, dadi says there’s a misunderstanding I think,Dadu says what it’s all clear, nikita says papa is right, these people couldn’t manage a ring.

Dadu asks Tushar did u give Vrinda this ring, nikita says Tushar Dadu is asking u something answer him,Tushar thinks I have to say yes or else Vrinda aunty will be proved liar n says yes I gave aunty this ring,Jassi says Chachi how bad why did u take this ring now look poor Tushar, parikshit says cmon lets finish up the ceremony n wispers to nikita don’t forget tank keys n so let things go as they are.

Anokhi upset n angry exchanges the ring with Tushar,Tushar thinks plz look at me Anokhi I need to explain u why I did so, Anokhi Tushar take elders blessings, Tushar tries telling Anokhi but she doesn’t listen.

Dadi says to papa, I know it’s hard for a father after all it’s a huge expense,n I’m sorry for what happened, papa say sim sorry n guilty abt what happened,dadi says plz don’t n now go start with wedding arrangements n let me know if u need help n Anokhi take care n forget all the worries n what happened here, tomorrow u need to be prepared for challenge so go rest.

Tushar says Kunal look Anokhi is so upset, Kunal says it’s not ur fault I mean Vrinda aunty, Tushar says I know she didn’t do it in purpose n I wanted to tell Anokhi but she isn’t talking to me,Vrinda says Anokhi u left ur purse in go get it. Tushar says Anokhi listen to me, Anokhi says always my family is insulted in this house,I love my papa a lot n he is again insulted n all bcoz of me n why did u give me mama that ring,Tushar says no I didn’t, Anokhi says may be u didn’t like our ring but why did u give ma ring n why didn’t u tell me abt it , u rich people always try n let people down n today again I was let down, tushar says when will u listen to me, I didn’t give ring to ur mother, Anokhi says so my mothers lying ,say something now Tushar.

Tushar says Anokhi u don’t want to listen u have taken me as the wrong person, Sashi comes n says Anokhi we are waiting for u, Anokhi says ok Tushar so this is what it is. Tushar says ok fine Anokhi bye, Anokhi gets angry n leaves.

Papa says Vrinda this is all bcoz of u, why did u do this, Vrinda says this is all bcoz u, u n ur poor standard of living made me maid here, papa says shut up Vrinda. Dadu to nikita n parikshit says how can we go forward with this relation, nikita says it’s fine they have learnt their lesson now, dadi says it’s ok now may be they were dealing with money issues,now let’s order for Mehndi,Dadu says ok u can order two packets,dadi says how did u allow this, wow, Dadu says go sleep now n makes a call n says Arora listen carefully. Vrinda tells papa that Tushar didn’t give me the ring, papa says don’t lie now,Vrinda says I found this ring in samosa,papa says oh what a reason.

Gautam n Priyanka try to stop papa n Vrinda fight, papa says this lady why did she do this, she made Tushar lie all bcoz of her money greed, Anokhi sees them fight n goes get a cold drink bottle n opens its n makes a loud noise in the room, Anokhi says are u dine for today,Sashi runs in n says what’s this loud noise, Anokhi says when will u two stop fighting.

Precap : Parikshit n nikita see Dadu open tank with keys n think Which keys Anokhi has. Anokhi sees Vrinda n Tushar talking to each other at night in rains

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