Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 26th September 2016 Written Episode

Anokhi asks Tushar what will u tell,Tushar says Anokhi,Anokhi says u wanted to shout on me right n tell what,Tushar says yes I will bcoz I’m very angry on u, bcoz ur very pretty but u are selfish,pretty selfish,Anokhi starts laughing n says what’s my fault if I’m pretty,Tushar says not a fault u cheated me anokhi, u don’t love me,Anokhi says so,Tushar says here I’m madly in love n u signed a contract for our marriage,I will never forgive u for this,never no forgiveness,I thought u love me n accepted me the way I’m but u don’t love me, what u think I like to misbehave with u,I die every second I do that to u,I have lost myself.

Dadi says to mataji, Tushar is misbehaving with Anokhi,is not good n I know u are behind him supporting
him,mataji says but u are behind his tar hints,Anokhi sleeping beside mataji,mataji says bcoz of u look how coward n Blackfoot he has become,I asked him to win respect,dadi says but this is not my Tushar,he is changed,today he drank,who is this man where is my Tushar,Anokhi wakes up n says I want to go washroom,n walks to washroom,Tushar speaking to himself n imagining Anokhi ,Anokhi walks in n says no,but I know what I like,I like my old Tushar who use to care for me stand for me n walks to him n says come with me I have some thing for u,ur bday gift,Tushar says I don’t want,Anokhi says plz n takes him out,mataji n dadi sees them walking drunk n holding each other.

Anokhi opens fridge n says look ur fav ice cream flavour ur bday gift, it’s nashpatti flavour,Tushar looks at Anokhi n smiles,Parul snatches ,Anokhi says what are u doing,Parul says don’t eat it Tushar God knew what now she must have mixed in it,mataji walks with dadi n says what all is this,Parul says mataji I’m sure this ice cream has something mixed,Parul says shutup I will eat first n abt to taste,Anokhi says it’s for Tushar sir n slaps Parul,mataji gets impressed,Anokhi says enough n gives ice cream to dadi n says u Parul I’m bearing u since first day now enough what u think of urself,u aren’t married to Tushar, u tried hard but I’m his wife now,I’m seeing Tushar this that I know abt u n all,but remember I know what my husband likes n even there are things I don’t but will know soon after all he is my husband,I gifted this bcoz this ice cream flavour connects us but wait it’s our private memory n people like u shdnt know abt all this,Parul in tears walks away.

Anokhi says sorry mataji,mataji says keep ice cream in fridge,Anokhi says did I do right,mataji says yes u did but ur way was wrong n I want u to start taking all ur responsibilities seriously, now u two go to ur room,both leave,dadi says see I told u Anokhi is by sweet girl.

Tushar wakes to bhajan n everyone else too n gather in temple n see Anokhi singing bhajan,Anokhi turns around n sees everyone,mataji asks what all is this,Anokhi says mataji taking my responsibilities seriously,Kalpana getting calls,she cuts them,mataji says no phones in Pooja room,dadi says Anokhi I will take Arti later I haven’t bathe yet,Anokhi says Parul I’m sorry I shdnt have did that last night,but just for slap n not for what I said,Anokhi walks to Tushar n says sorry sir I don’t know how alcohol came in Those pani puri but I’m not behind it n now let’s forget the past n move on.

Tushar takes Arti,n abt to leave,anokhi says I will reach office in time but after office hours as a business mans wife I need fun too n so promise me u will take me on a long drive in luxury car,Parul makes faces n leaves,mataji disappointed again,Anokhi says even I shd know what it’s to be Tushar Maliks wife,Tushar thinks I’m mad to expect u to change n love me n not money but.

Anokhi n Parul in office,Jassi says Anokhi here file n mummy has asked u to go meet malhotras n u know I have arranged our most luxury car,Anokhi says wow n leaves,Jassi says Parul I did as u said what next,Parul says wait n watch.

Precap: Anokhi clicking selfies n sees Kalpana talking to the man who kidnapped her.

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