Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 19th August 2016 Written Episode

The episode start dadi asking anokhi and tussar to take everyone blessings. When they both bow down to take dada ji blessing, he kick tussar and say he is not my pota (grandson), who married against my wish. Dadi again confornting dada ji and he blames anokhi’s father for ruining everything. He blame him that he was behind all this drama. He says that he called kidnapper.

On other side… tussar’s real mom thanks kidnapper for making him marry anokhi.

Anokhi say that she was hitted by someone and was unconcisous and was lying under bed. Hearing this anokhi’s father confront dada ji about all this drama.

Dada ji finally accept that he knew that girl was Parul. And it was even knew by tussar. Shocking everyone. Anokhi confronts tussar about this!! But Anokhi’s mother say that Tussar can’t do so, it must have been done by dada ji..

Dada ji finally accept that he asked tussar to marry parul in …. before he compelete his words he is interfared by the one whom tussar calls mom (readers i am not regular watcher of the show so I do not know many names of the show chacters expect some, so i hope u forgive me and get to know what i am conveying).

She says that we all accepted anokhi, you should not have done this.
Dada ji start breaking and throughing things related to marriage and rituals. He throws the the pooja plate and grahe pravesh things. Dadi shouts that its bad omen to do so. He shouts that the evil in form of This girl (anokhi) have come in our lives. She is even more bad omen.
Shocking everyone

Precap- Tussar taking stand in front of dada ji saying that he always said bad for miss anokhi and her family, i was quite but not now as now she is my wife..

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