Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 11th June 2016 Written Episode

Anokhi says the selected candidate went away, I asked him to wait but he said I don’t want this job hell with this job, and anyways why are u asking all this who are u, are u Kunal I’m Anokhi, n good u didn’t commit suicide, Tushar says u are so confusing, Tushar gets a call from nikita, she asks did u find accountant, Tushar says I’m interviewing,nikita says ok the candidate u select I will take her interview too,Tushar starts interviewing Anokhi.

Tushar says tell em abt urself,Anokhi says I have passed in distinction n I’m very good in accounts, Tushar says ok explain accounts, Anokhi says one minute n eats mint chocolate n says I love them n says so accounts is like a family, joint family where all people live together, show me ur wallet, Tushar gives it, Anokhi says its so boring anyways n removes 1000 Rs note n says this is like head off a,ily like dada dadi n coins are kids.

Luv helps Dadu open a tiffin. Anokhi says 500 Rs note are other imp family memebers. Pulkit says Dadu Tushar is conducting interviews would u like to inspect, Dadu says no nikita will.

Anokhi says this is how accounts n family is related. Nikita walks into office, Kalpana busy cooking, everyone Waiting for lunch, Kalpana out of time, nikita walks in n says Kalpana u have only one work to cook why don’t u make it in time. Anokhi says accounts need brains n family needs heart simple. Tushar says Anokhi by heart did u mean love, do u believe in love, Anokhi abt to answer Tushar gets a call n he leaves.

Anokhi checks around n says I’m so thirsty I will go take water from upstairs.
Kalpana starts looking around for peeler, Dadu walks in angry n says where’s my lunch, n what are u searching, Kalpana says peeler, Dadu says u all people, are here to put me down, n bankrupt me, Kalpana says soon I will get food, Anokhi comes near kitchen n sees everyone n Dadu yelling at Kalpana n says u shd have thought before giving verdict, n realises she shdnt speak n hides, Dadu looks around n sees no one, luv puts on tv loud,Dadu says I need my food quickly.

Priyanka looking around for her mobile n calls Rajni, Rajni asks mom abt, Gautam comes there n says let me talk to ur mom n asks how is she, Rajini says I’m good I will call u later, uncle is here. Priyanka says Gautam did u see washing machine.

Papa n Vrinda again fighting, Vrinda says bcoz of ur poor salary I couldn’t give my friends return gift, Gautam says ma enough, Vrinda says oh really why don’t u tell ur papa, papa looks at Priyanka n says u go rest n Did u speak to Anokhi, Priyanka says no she is still busy, papa gets upset n leaves.

Anokhi waiting in office for Tushar. She gets bored, Tushar walks in n sees Anokhi snoring, Tushar sits beside her n says miss Anokhi, Anokhi doesn’t wake up ,Tushar starts laughing n touches her to Wakeup n both again feel the current, Anokhi Wakes up n says sorry.tushar says what if u keep sleeping on work, Anokhi says don’t worry I will manage everything very well.
Tushar says ok u are selected n mam will take ur next interview come let me show ur desk, Anokhi starts dancing n says wow show me desk, Tushar says ok see here is ur desk. Anokhi says no separate cabin, Tushar says no one here has cabins, anokhi says ok n finds a lizard n jumps on chair n messes everything.

Tushar starts laughing n says relax it will go away relax, lizard goes away, Tushar says now come down, Anokhi sees nikita starring at her, n says oh no mineral water,nikita looks at Tushar, he says new accountant, nikita says this girl , oh my god did u find her of all the lot, Tushar gets a call n he leaves, Anokhi says aunty, nikita says I’m not ur aunty, Anokhi says I’m very sorry for yesterday, nikita say su are full of shit n u are a dishonest person n so u have nothing to do here n I’m business head here n so plz leave, Anokhi falls in her feet n says mam plz don’t do this, I will learn a lot from u, u are the head here u are so smart I wish to be like u, plz plz, Tushar walks in n sees nikita hugging Anokhi, nikita says welcome to Malik n sons, nikita says Tushar make her appointment letter ready,Tushar leaves, nikita says remember two things u need this job n I can fire u anytime n so no smartness in front of me, n u have to work for me If u wish to be permanent n so wait n watch.

Precap : Vrinda Wakes up Anokhi n says it’s 9 don’t u have office, Anokhi says oh no shit.
Dadu shouts on Tushar n says if before I’m back from my walk the accountant isn’t here she will be fired get that..

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