Hum Ko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Kare 11th July 2016 Written Episode

Tushar gets umbrella for anokhis parents, Jassi says Tushar u dont need to do this n Vrinda Chachi u come with me n Kalpana get me umbrella, dadi says tushar go take Anokhi along with u, Dadu says yes n do give her what I asked u too, n Pulkit go check when luv n I will join u guys soon, Dadu sees Kalpana with sweets no ays take them in not needed n gets back in garden, dadi says u two chat I will be back soon. Vrinda with Jassi, Jassi says my house is so big n very comfortable n by the way u still stay in Chandani Chowk on rent, Vrinda says yes yes, Jassi says nice n does Chachu still work in insurance company.

Nikita says to papa that ur job is quite tough I mean selling policies,Vrinda says yes n he works very hard, nikita makes fun of them n says oh sorry, papa asks where
is Anokhi, Anokhi adoring room decor, Tushar asks are u fine, Anokhi says yes, Tushar searching for envelope, Anokhi helps him, Tushar says thanku n its for u,Anokhi opens it n sees her first cheque.

Nikita says so is ur policy named after Anokhi, n this meet shd be same like ur policy ones n let me tell Anokhi is very smart n so is why Tushar behind her, Anokhi is so little but talks like a experienced person. Anokhi starts dancing seeing her salary cheque, Tushar says this envelope is also for u, Anokhi opens it n gets very happy seeing her get permanent job at mailks, and starts dancing, Tushar says are u happy, Anokhi says don’t I look like, Dadu calls Tushar, Anokhi gets call from Priyanka, priyanak says Anokhi what are u doing.anokhi says I will call u later, priyanak says no wait what is this confusion tell me,Anokhi says love will happen n now I’m ok with Tushar n I will manage even with his Dadu now bye.

Dadi says Jassi see these for Anokhi , Jassi says ok, Tushar n Anokhi join everyone, Anokhi sees her parents upset, Dadu says Anokhi I want u sign these papers, Vrinda says read them first.dadu says ur mothers right read it aloud so all know abt it, Anokhi reads letter which says I will follow these rules n regulations, Vrinda says looks like some contract, Anokhi reads ahead that these rules are made by Dadu n I agree to all the things stated below, n then gets shocked reading further points, Dadu says read it aloud, where Dadu blames Anokhi for ruining Malik n sons deal with aroras n using their grandson for it n till Anokhi repays for all the loss, Dadu says Tushar u read it ahead.

Tushar says Dadu plz. Dadu says I said read it, Tushar reads it, Anokhi will repay all these losses n will work as accountant till she repays all the loss and in a month itself n then I will resign forever from this position, nikita Jassi n Pulkit get very happy aft hearing the terms n condition.

Dadu says Anokhi this is why called u with family so they become ur witness what u thought why I called them, Vrinda says we were here for marriage proposal, Dadu says Anokhi what happened, dadi says oh no big misunderstanding, Anokhi says u called me here for this, Dadu says yes n 1 month don’t forget, u can order laptop, make tents so, do this job n get me my money back, I want u to repay my losses, papa says sir plz calm down she is a kid plz I request u to lower down, Dadu stops him n says this is abt my losses n for me work is worship n I have never let my company face losses but ur daughter ruined my reputation n also tried tricking my grandson n broke his engagement n so u better not give me suggestions, I’m talking to my accountant n not ur daughter.

Dadu says Anokhi here sign these,Tushar get her a pen quickly, Tushar gives Anokhi pen,Anokhi takes it n signs but pen doesn’t work n she drops pen, Tushar picks it up n looks at anokhis upset face, Anokhi signs the papers n says here ur papers, n I will work overtime n repay ur losses, Dadu says Kalpana get some snacks,papa says thanku but we shall leave, Anokhi leaves with her parents.

Pre cap : Anokhi says to papa u don’t worry I will work overtime but repay, Dadu says u have to begin this overtime from today itself. Dadu to Tushar says u will take every step as per my wish keep this in mind n care u step against my wish.

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