Girls On Top 2nd June 2016 Written Episode

Sahir consider himself responsible for whatever Isha is suffering. He has to sort everything out. He leaves while wishing Azher luck for making Gia up for coming to party.
Isha comes to Rave and Gia in the cafe and asks them for lift. Both were busy, Isha peeks into Gia’s laptop but she hides saying she is writing articles. She, Rave and Azher were commenting on Sahir and Shreya’s photo, calling Sahir as cool and Shreya as Fatyo. Guru also joins and demands to be a part of the group. Isha reads the blog and was happy, she and Sahir share eye lock. Shreya denies doing the show as she has pimple, Isha comes and hands her face wash.
On the show, a no elimination is announced. Later, Radhika is called on stage. Radhika introduces her film Phobia, it was a film for girls who are struggling in the society. Girls always have to fight these Phobias they develop because of society. She delivers a dialogue, she is most afraid of this fear, she would fight back; she will confront her fears. Everyone cheers, Sahir stands to announce about Isha being a strong personality of the show. Radhika calls Isha on stage.
Backstage, Isha tells Radhika that it takes guts to be somewhere. Radhika appreciates Isha’s guts because of what she is here. She forbids Isha let her fears overcome her confidence in her personal life. Rave comes to cheer with Sahir that their plan is working, Sahir and Isha have a lot of fans. The boss comes to appreciate Isha’s work, he is sad she is with them for a few days only. He comes to appreciate Sahir’s sensation, he would love if his high votes would bring a TRP to the show. Sahir tells the boss that Jab We Met got hit because Kareena and Shahid had a breakup. What if Sahir and Shreya also have a breakup, it will create a controversy and the increase TRP of the show. The boss likes his idea. Isha comes to Sahir, he asks Isha if she checked social media sites and tells her about Isha Sahir fan following. Isha opens up her internet and cheers watching so many likes.
Gia calls to thank Azher for the social media group. Azher tells her he is enjoying this common man’s life, but she is spoiling this. Gia says in that case Kapoor’s party would be boring for him, he says her presence can make it good for him. Gia tells him she is only coming for Diana. Azher says he gets happy with everything that involves Gia.
Isha watches her and Sahir’s kiss video and reads the comments smiling. Others were on the conference call, Sahir does the commentary that Isha is finally smiling and is enjoying the comments. They were all happy about it. Rave asks Gia where she sent Guru, he is missing this fun. Gia tells her Guru took a leave for today.
Rave comes to Guru’s house, rings the bell and bang the door shouting why he isn’t opening the door. A lady opens the door, Rave demands who she is as this is Guru’s house. The lady says this is their house, they have shifted today. She makes Rave go and find Guru. Rave wonders if Guru left without informing.

PRECAP: Isha tells Sahir on call that they are brining Gia. Azher was there in changed costume. Rave gives way for Gia, both Azher and Gia come to confrontation.

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