Girls On Top 26th May 2016 Written Episode

Gia tells Isha that Sahir and Shreya’s fan following is continuously increasing. Isha was worried about it. Rave comes in cheering, Guru goes to greet her. UC comes in his usual tauntful way, Rave says she is only thirty minutes late. UC asks again what she said. He shouts at them all to stop their work, and clap; from tomorrow they have to work according to Rave’s timings. She is Raveti Chauhan, the winner of DJ Hunt. He shouts if this is her bed, she has to be punctual; is it his responsibility or Isha’s account. He taunts at her to be Isha’s friend. He warns Isha he is ignoring because she is ultimately leaving the show. Isha strictly tells Raveti to be in time as everyone in the crew and leaves. Rave who was shocked goes behind Isha. Guru feels bad that Isha shouted at Rave in front of everyone. Gia says this is work place, every day is a battle field here, they must not allow their bosses to shout.
Isha comes to a room, upset and opens the video. She reads about Sahir and Shreya’s fan following. She wonders Gia never lie, but what is the truth in her life. Rave comes questioning Isha why she sided UC, won’t she defend her in front of others. Isha shouts at her, this isn’t her home but job place, producers lose money when she is late. She is a crew member and must be in time. She leaves angrily, Rave stands upset. At night, Isha does her makeup in front of mirror thinking about people’s comments for Shreya’s beauty. She was confused with her clothes and throws the whole wardrobe out in frustration.
Diana tells Gia on call that she could have got special treatment by signing the contract, but she needs an ordinary life. She must upload Sahir and Shreya’s video by tomorrow, else update her resume to find another job. Tara tells Diana this is the best job, office and bosses. Diana wonders bosses, then asks if went to school; then corrects it boss. Tara qualifies she does work of ten people together, so boss.
Gia calls Isha from kitchen and knocks her door. She informs she put on pulses, if she should cook rice? Isha denies having rice, she is already putting on weight. Rave comes home complaining to ask the boss, only she is heard at home. Isha slaps the door in front of Rave. Rave enters to speak to Isha about the morning incident. Isha forbids her to bring work home. Rave complains they don’t see her struggles, they only care about their problems and that she is late at work. Gia stops Rave, Rave complains to Gia she hired her partner and didn’t think about her partnership with Guru. Gia questions back that when she signed the job, did she think about their partnership. Rave goes inside her room,
Shreya sits hand in hand with Sahir, Sahir asks her to sit away from him. Shreya insists she would only do what makes the show popular. Isha comes there, Shreya asks Guru to take one of her side in shot, it looks better. Guru says she must keep her heart clean. Rave comes there and asks if they need some music for interview, UC called her here. Guru asks her to join them, Rave strictly says they must take work as work only. Gia begin the interview, there were 400 comments already in 5 minutes. It was live chatting and their replies by celebrity couple. Shreya answers most of the questions. UC’s assistant inform him that fans named Sahir and Shreya as Shrehir. One of the fans ask Sahir if he can kiss Shreya live? Isha was badly hurt.

PRECAP: Isha shouts at Gia that her life seems to be a joke to everyone, for them its really easy to join her name with any Shreya, Gia, Tia and goes inside her room. Guru asks Rave to apologize Isha.

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