Girls On Top 20th April 2016 Written Episode

At home, everyone pampers Isha and asks what she wants to drink. Rave gets her a glass of water.
Azher tells Gia about his tattoo that natures inspires him. He asks to see Gia’s tattoo, she asks if he noticed. He asks permission to see it, then removes her hair from back. He asks what it means, she says two feathers, one for mom and one for dad, and she is the thread to join them. Azher says that’s cute. Gia tells him her parents aren’t together, she thinks herself to be a thread and wants to join them. Azher wipes her tear, she says something went in her eyes. They play with popcorn.
Sahir comes for interview, the assistant asks Isha about any specific question. Ishaa says not any, they must let him decide. Sahir says he gets along well with her. The director asks if he has an affair with her. Sahir says he had a lot of girls in his life, he doesn’t care. They ask about tattoo, Sahir says this is for his first girlfriend but they were not together anymore, for him girls mean only fun. The director asks if he ever had true love. Sahir looks at Isha then says he believes only in physical relation. Isha says cut, and goes towards Sahir. She asks what he thinks he is. Sahir asks who she is to question. Sahir says he is giving her content. Isha says they are working to make him a romantic hero, and he says girls are use and throw, how cheap is that. Sahir says is everything about her or the show? Isha says yes, it’s about the show. Sahir says she wants masala but wants it to be her type as well, she can only play with contestants according to her will. He calls her an opportunist.

PRECAP: Isha waits outside the room, she comes to window and watches Sahir and Shreya physical. She cries, Sahir comes and kiss her but she pushes him away.

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