Girls On Top 13th June 2016 Written Episode

Isha shots the dance videos.
At home, Rave, Gia and Guru enjoys drinks together. They enjoy snack party together. Gia watches Azher’s call on phone, she tells Azher she told him earlier it isn’t decent to call a girl this late. Azher says he is in cafe, it’s been opened only for him and if she doesn’t come he will have to come at home. Gia informs Guru that she has to go, he should take care of Rave.
Isha enjoys while Sahir and other guys dance. They share an eye lock, after Sahir’s performance ends.
Both Guru and Rave were drunk, Rave keeps her head over his arm while he withdraws. She complains if it will make him filthy? He says no and allows her. Rave keeps her head again and says this is what she likes about Guru, he loves and understands her. Both smile at each other.
Gia comes enraged to cafe, she asks Azher if he can use his stardom to call her anywhere anytime. Azher says she has been ignoring his calls since morning. Gia asks so what, he also ignored her in the party. Azher was shocked.
Rave asks Guru if he would do something she asks for, she asks him to sit closer and whispers in his ear to tell her something about him she doesn’t know. Guru promises to do anything for him. Rave calls him her super hero, and kiss his cheek. She takes his permission to kiss both sides of his cheeks one by one.
Sahir again performs while Isha films it.
Gia tells Azher that she has decided he should forget her. Azher was taken aback. She turns to leave crying. Azher cries in the cafe, and leaves broken.
Rave and Guru come close to each other. Isha feels accomplished after having completed her shots. She return home to find Gia asleep on the couch. She finds her room locked from inside, then comes out and covers her with a quilt, switching the lights off and gets into her room.
The next morning, Guru wakes up to find Rave beside him. Gia wakes up to find Guru in the kitchen, she questions if he and Rave, last night… then looks around to avoid and hides her face with a novel. Guru goes inside, Gia excitedly goes to tell Isha. They scream, Gia tells Isha that Rave and Guru were drinking last night. They both decide to go out for work, even if its Sunday.
Guru wakes Rave up, while thinking her to be hugging him. Rave wakes up and watch him, puzzled.

PRECAP: Rave goes to washroom, tensed. She denies in front of Gia and Isha to like Guru, Guru comes home then to propose Rave.

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