Ganga 9th December 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: ammaji’s residence
Ganga is extremely tensed, when sagar comes and relieved her, that he knows what and why she is marrying. he explains how he knows about the cancer from madhavi, and is here now. sagar tells ganga that whatever be the cost, he shall ensure everyone is happy from hereon, in this house, even if at the cost of pretending to be in a fake marriage. ganga eyes him tensedly. they hear the sound of dhol, and rush out, to f9ind niru animatedly playing with the professional dholak players. all come, and are overwhelmed emotionally, as they find niru dancing with full excitement. ganga tries to ask him to stop and rest, but sagar stops her and asks her to live life to the fullest, asnd let niru, since he has few days left. niru excitedly gets all of them to
play and enjoy with him, while they forget the pain of losing him soon, and join in. ganga and madhavi, along with ammaji smile through tears. he expresses his happiness. the nurse takes this time to make an elaborate setup of black magic right outside niru’s room.

Later, niru is busy with wedding arrangements for sagar and ganga, and involves madhavi too in it. she is a little skeptic, but he behaves overly romantic, and starts dancing with him. ganga and sagar watch from behind the pillar. sagar asks her not to interrupt them as they are stealing the few romantic moments they have left. all are apalled and emotional. madhavi is flustered when she finds that sagar and ganga are watching her. niru teases her furthermore, in front of the kids. then he announces that he cant wait till marriage, as who know whether he shall live by then, and that he wants them getting married rightaway. he places an burning earthen diya, in the centre, and then gets ganga and sagar to make their vows, by taking the pious circles around the fire. he also promises to forever be by madhavi’s side. sagar and ganga hold hands, and take their vows, to be best friends for life and support each other, while they all watch on.

Sagar and ganga meet on the rooftop, and discuss tensedly, while she again clarifies that she needs to do this only for niru as a compromise to fulfill his last wishes. he clutches hold of her tightly, and asks her to reciprocate as they are being watched by niru. he smiles and leaves. sagar and ganga leave away, while tensedly commenting on how they have to keep this up, till niru needs them.

As ammaji comes by, the nurse shows the magic set up to her and she is petrified. her screams get everyone there and they are equally baffled and aghast. ganga is boggled though. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Merries and festiviteis begin, as its their mehendi ceremony. as sagar and ganga sit, and the enjoyment and fun begins. meanwhile the nurse mixes acid in the mehendi, hoping for ruining ganga’s hands. maharaj gets the mehendi oblivious of the chemicals inside, as ammaji asks for the ritual to begin. sagar and ganga are both unaware of it too.

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