Ganga 23rd December 2016 Written Episode

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Ganga says she would first try to convince Sagar that this Mata is really dangerous. In the room, Niru questions Sagar and Pulkit about that Mata’s stay. Pulkit says they stopped Madhvi who was stubborn. Sagar explains that Madhvi is really tensed for his health. Madhvi comes in and says Ganga is looking for him in outhouse. Niru asks why would she look for him there, Sagar qualifies he was working there last night and goes to see Ganga
In the room, Ganga tells Sagar about the stove story. Sagar asks why is she so stressed with her, she is doing this for money but why take tension. He tells Ganga they did this for Madhvi’s peace of mind, there is no question of arguing or hurting. Ganga tries to explain, Sagar says Niru would make up Madhvi to send that Mata ji away. Ganga says she isn’t here
only for greed, she has some other intention to hurt their family. She says had Sagar not saved her remove that red cloth off Amma ji’s stove, she must have brought her truth. Sagar interrupts that he has a lot of other important tasks than to waste his energy on useless matters. Ganga was worried that Sagar isn’t ready to listen and she is out of the house, she thinks about something else. She calls Kashish for help, and shares that she is sure that Mata wanted to hurt someone in the Pooja. She then asks about reports of Niru. Kashish says the doctors need time to study the reports. Ganga tells her to open the house doors when she gives a missed call.
At night, Kashish opens the door for Ganga. Inside, Kashish informs Ganga that Mata ji isn’t in the guest room. They go to check for her in the room. Ganga was sure to find something about her, both look in the room. There, Prabha assured Madhvi that she won’t spare that devil spirit, she understood abit about it already and would help them. She points towards Kashish.
Ganga and Kashish were looking around, but ignores Yash’s call on the cell phone. They hear the footsteps of Mata ji. Kashish was worried what they should do. Soon, Madhvi comes with her book. Kashish drags Ganga outside. Ganga was upset they didn’t get anything. Kashish assures to keep on trying. Ganga turns to leave when Kashish gets a call from doctor, she was happy about the news. She informs Ganga that Niru’s bone marrow transplant is possible, the only condition is that donor must be from family. Ganga cheers that Niru would be fine, and goes to give the good news to Sagar. Prabha overheard the conversation, thinking Kashish is an interruption in her way.
Kashish was going through the corridor, her dupatta stucks behind and the lights go off instantly. She feels a presence behind and calls who is there. Soon, the lights were on again. Supriya runs outside the kitchen hurt on arm by a knife. Madhvi, Sagar and Ganga run towards her. Pulkit also comes there worried. Supriya was fearful, saying someone attacked her while drinking water. Kashish says she also thought someone ran from behind her, it was all dark. Mata ji calls from behind that it must be the devil spirit. She asks Supriya to remember some proof. Ganga notices Kashish’s cloth piece had been torn and was stuck in Supriya’s bangle. Kashish was offensive as someone even attacked her. Madhvi goes accusing Kashish. Ganga tries to calm her down and backs Kashish. Madhvi says Kashish wants to revenge them for what Pulkit did to her. Sagar says Kashish would never want something wrong for them, infact Kashish brought a good news for their family that bone marrow transplant can make Niru well. They need a donor from family only. Prabha warns Madhvi that this is all rubbish, Niru’s ailment has no treatment. Sagar shuts Prabha up, as her drama is over. Madhvi scolds Sagar and insists Mata ji won’t leave, she announces no one will not trust Kashish and donate bone marrow to Niru. Mata ji is right as the devil spirit wants to take their life. Ganga observes everyone, upset about her own words. Prabha cheers about being victorious over Ganga.
The next morning, Ganga arrives at hospital and asks Sagar if his test was done. The doctor apologizes Sagar, as his bone marrow didn’t match. Sagar was taken aback.

PRECAP: Sagar was upset that even they can’t get done with a bone marrow. Ganga suggests for Krishna. Someone changes the laboratory reports to negative, the doctor informs them none’s bone marrow matched.

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